Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Comment on Comments

I have decided to modify my policy on comments.  I never had a written policy before; basically, if the comment was void of profanity I would allow it on the site.  I recall making one or two exceptions to this, and may do so again.

I have decided to modify this policy.  If you comment with a name / pseudonym, the restriction will remain as before – no profanity; otherwise, it is virtually certain that your comment will be posted.

If you choose to comment as “Anonymous,” in addition to the above, I will consider the relevance and benefit of the comment.  Given the limitations of the blogger software, the comment might be deleted before posting, or not until shortly after posting.

If you do not like this somewhat subjective condition, you can avoid it completely by coming up with a name when commenting. 

If you still don’t like it, well…it is my site.

This policy can be found here.


  1. A wise policy, In politics and religion people who do not have the courage to state their name have very little conviction

    I will concede that in this modern time I am sure the NSA is reading all Blog Comments, looking for Terrorists among them. Intellectual opinions are unassailable even by the NSA, prejudiced, name calling and profane opinions are always suspect.

  2. What is profanity?
    If I were to use the language that Thomas Dilorenzo uses, but address it not to his targets hut at say, Murray Rothbard, would I be using. sarcasm or profanity?
    At what point do insults become dirty words?
    As you have quoted from Dilorenzo, does that mean it's OK to use his style?

    1. "What is profanity?"

      Richard, this is a good question. Let me see if I can answer it with an example.

      If the two of us knew each other well, it could be appropriate that I called you "Dick." If we do not know each other at all, this could be considered poor form - even profane.

      In the end, as this is my site, I will decide based on whatever criteria I use. You (and others) can decide if you want to hang around. Given that - on this point of profanity - nothing of my policy has changed - and you continue to post comments - this must not be an issue for you.

      So why do you ask the question? Is it because you want to be a... Richard?

    2. "So why do you ask the question? Is it because you want to be a... Richard?"
      I truly lol when I read this. Thank you for good hearted humor BM.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Richard, as a teaching opportunity... if there is some utility in the context, masking an expletive with symbols such as % or ! could be acceptable. Where there is none, as in your now deleted comment, the comment will be deleted.

      I hope this is simple enough for you to understand.

  4. Hi,

    I don't have the time to comment often as I would like, and this is my first here. I would just like to point out that one can get his point across well without the use of profanity. The English are especially good at that. :-)

  5. BM,
    A comment about comment on comments. I generally use the anon. choice for comments because if I sign in under my Google account this reveals my name. I'm sure there is some easy"fix" for this but I usually don't try to swim to deeply into the blogger docs.
    As a side note - HTTPS on blogspot is now a simple click away:


    1. freihals,

      You always offer your "name" at the end of the post. This is sufficient. In any case, your comments are always such that I have no reason to disallow these.

      As to HTTPS - I will wait a little while for any bugs to be worked out.

  6. This is late and perhaps off topic
    If the comment seems irrelevant though not to the writer, it might be deleted?
    If the comment writer raises an issue, off topic, that the writer sees a need for you to address then what?
    Example. Every couple of months, Lew Rockwell will ask or beg for funding for his site. What is that? This fundraising seems to be contrary to the oft said that the libertarian enterprise is expanding, even winning, and it's a strange form of anarcho capitalism, isn't it??
    As you are posted on LRC, perhaps a comment on fundraising is in order, or just forget it as that's Lew's business

    1. As free people, we can solicit, and respond to same, as we wish. OK?
      OK, for cretins: In a true Anarcho-cap nation, if there's no welfare, who will take care of the disabled?? Why, WE WILL. With donations. So you see, it's baked in.

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