Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trophy Hunting

The killing of Cecil the lion by an American has apparently angered many Americans:

The White House has received close to 150,000 signatures by Americans demanding that the U.S. dentist who killed a popular lion in Zimbabwe be extradited there for trial.

The sinister nature of this event is spelled out (emphasis added):

Cecil was a subject of research and had become popular through videos showing him walking leisurely in the wild.  The possibility that he was lured out of a protected national park to be killed as a trophy has enraged many Americans.

You see, Cecil was minding his own business, not really bothering anyone.  He was vulnerable – living in a protected preserve.  He was drawn into a trap, merely because he was a lion – not for any other crime.  This has angered many Americans.

Kind of like what the FBI does with vulnerable Muslim men – individuals incapable of doing much more than tying their shoes are “lured” into a sting operation, giving the agency a “trophy” in their war on terror.  Their only “crime” that attracted the attention of the FBI was that they were vulnerable Muslims.

Americans should be angered.