Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walter Block on a Sinking Ship

Robert Wenzel ran a post at Target Liberty, “Walter Block Endorses Rand Paul.”  In it, he references a Facebook post that Block wrote regarding his endorsement.  I commented at the Target Liberty site, and also post my comment below:


Well, at least Walter didn’t tell Ron Paul to “shut up” in this post….

I read Block’s entire Facebook post and wonder…why does Block feel the need to endorse anyone?  Why bother?  A “60” on the Block scale is worthy of endorsement? 

Previously, I gave Rand a mark of 70 on my own personal libertarian-o-meter….But, thanks to Rand’s changes of policy, typically in a direction away from libertarian purity, I have demoted him to a 60. By the way, no other Republican candidate gets more than a 30…

Why qualify your statement with “typically”?

Look, when Rand first was running for senate, he got a 90.  Now “demoted” from 70 to 60.  Just wait, Walter – by the time all is said and done, Rand won’t score better than 35 – then what will you say?  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 7,498 times…well, then what, Walter?

The more money donated to his cause, the longer he can endure in this venture. So, I urge my fellow libertarians to not only financially contribute to his candidacy but to offer him any and all support they can.

Do something productive toward actual liberty with your support and money; give it to the Mises Institute.

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