Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Chapter in the Evolution at The Daily Bell

The Daily Bell is apparently taking yet another turn.  Anthony Wile is finding himself fully occupied in a new venture, so he is turning the site over to others:

I decided to entrust this site to two friends who share my general view of things and who also have an enthusiasm for publishing. You may already be acquainted with them – Olivier Garret and Terry Coxon.

He will continue to contribute “from time to time as Editor Emeritus.”

I have written more than once about the role that DB has played in my education – more specifically, in my ability to think critically and write clearly about issues of and surrounding liberty.  I won’t repeat any of that here.  I will merely offer the comment that I posted at the site regarding this announcement:

Anthony, thank you for your work at DB. You have made a significant contribution to the dialogue and understanding of freedom in general, and most certainly for me personally.

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