Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts: The Elite Don’t Want War

Well, that’s not exactly what he writes, but his commentary supports this conclusion.

When it comes to economic and financial assessments, Paul Craig Roberts and I don’t often see eye-to-eye (not that he would notice or care) – he describes the financial problems well, but then goes on to outline his own central-planning solution.  However, on foreign policy and empire, I often find myself in agreement with him. 

He has written a piece posted today at LRC, entitled “Can Putin’s Diplomacy Prevail Over Washington’s Coercion?  I offer a few quotes from his post that resonate well with or otherwise compliment my view of where we (7 billion of us) stand at this moment.

To summarize my view (at least the portions relevant to PCR’s commentary and this post): the puppet-masters have concluded that the US government has grown too big (and dangerous) for its britches.  While this decision comes with the unfortunate (for the elite) consequence of slowing down or even stepping back from their desires of a centralized, one-world, state, it comes with the benefit of avoiding the risk of a global nuclear holocaust – one that even the elite have no means to survive (don’t tell me about bunkers until you have a solution for the day after…or the next 300 years).

So, here goes:

…President Putin has asked the Russian legislature to repeal the authorization to use force that was granted in order to protect residents of former Russian territories that are currently part of Ukraine…

Putin has placed his future and that of his country on a bet that Russian diplomacy can prevail over Washington’s bribes, threats, blackmail, and coercion. Putin is appealing to Western Europeans. Putin is saying, “I am not the problem. Russia is not the problem. We are reasonable. We are ignoring Washington’s provocations. We want to work things out and to find a peaceful solution.”

Putin’s hope for diplomacy over force rests on Germany and France. Both countries face Europe’s budget and employment woes, and both countries have significant economic relations with Russia. German business interests are a counterweight to the weak Merkel government’s subservience to Washington. Washington has stupidly angered the French by trying to steal $10 billion from France’s largest bank.

I have written often about the possibility of the coming alliance amongst Germany, Russia, China, and maybe even Japan and Australia.  Events daily demonstrate baby-steps in this direction.  Roberts suggests that Putin is betting that Germany and France will ultimately consider the self-interest of their own countries (in the language of national politics), respectively.  Sooner or later they will, as there is no salvation via an “ally” whose primary economic strength lies in exporting funny digits on a banker’s computer screen.

If his bet is a bad one and Europe fails not only Russia but itself and the rest of the world by accommodating Washington’s drive for world hegemony, Russia and China will have to submit to Washington’s hegemony or be prepared for war.

There are a few more places left for proxy wars, I guess – Africa?  South America?  The pickins are slim.  But is there anymore appetite in the west?  Is there the financial capability?  Is there the military capability to “win”?  Events of the last several years seem to indicate “no.”

As neither side can afford to lose the war, the war would be nuclear.

Eventually it will – on purpose (if not to “do” means to “die,” how might political and military leaders act?) or by accident (trigger fingers get itchy when the rhetoric gets hot; there are enough reported such near-miss incidents during the cold war to not dismiss this possibility).

As scientists have made clear, life on earth would cease, regardless of whether Washington’s ABM shield works.

This includes the elite.  No way out, unless they have a plan to get a few hundred million of us (in order to support the lifestyle they enjoy today) and all of their toys and beaches to Mars.
This is why I oppose Washington’s policies and speak out against the arrogance and hubris that define Washington today. The most likely outcome of Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony is the extinction of life on earth.

Yup.  This is why the elite are pulling the leash.  Unless there is no such thing as the elite….


  1. I don't think "the elite" is a monolith. Like any grouping of people, it's made of individuals. However, I actually don't even think there's a single "elite". The "elite" in Russia, for example, doesn't seem to be (quite) the same as the "elite" in the US.

    Certainly non-US "elites" are making more and more noise about breaking away from the dollar hegemony. The "elite" in the US, by and large, doesn't seem to like this. After all, US businesses have profited very handsomely from the dollar hegemony, as it's allowed them to gain and maintain a large degree of dominance over the rest of the business world. So it makes no sense to me for the "elite" in the US to want the dollar hegemony to come to an end.

    The question in my mind is, how far are the US "elite" willing to go to (try to) maintain the dollar hegemony? Are they willing to "go all-in" and risk the total extinction of humanity in the hope of remaining "number one"?

    1. There is no one elite. However, it seems to me all want to ensure the tools of control are maintained – faith in regulatory democracy, central banking, and the like.

      There is no such beast as a “US elite.” The questions is whether the Russians / Chinese are subservient to the Anglo / Western elite or not. I tend to think not, but I believe recent events suggest we are close to finding out.

      I have written quite a bit about this, perhaps most recently here:

    2. You wrote, >>There are a few more places left for proxy wars, I guess – Africa? South America? The pickins are slim. But is there anymore appetite in the west? Is there the financial capability? Is there the military capability to “win”? Events of the last several years seem to indicate “no.”<<

      Oh, there are many ongoing proxy wars and conflicts that are not covered by the media (msm, most of alt, West &East alike) Here the speakers reveal a few of them:

      Above that, you wrote: >>....the puppet-masters have concluded that the US government has grown too big (and dangerous) for its britches. While this decision comes with the unfortunate (for the elite) consequence of slowing down or even stepping back from their desires of a centralized, one-world, state, it comes with the benefit of avoiding the risk of a global nuclear holocaust…..<<

      Oh, any puppet masters would think long-long-term... And, insofar they keep the role of masters, it’s virtually impossible for them to abandon the desire of a one-world centralised state.

      PC Roberts says the Western elites are "insane." FWIW, there is no objective definition of insanity. When you think the other side is insane, it's a good indication the ground is slipping under your feet, you're losing the plot.


    3. Why do you think that "there is no such beast as a 'US elite'"?

    4. Either it is an Anglo elite, covering the west and extending itself through Asia and elsewhere as it can, or it is global. In either case, they don't care about the US, nor limit themselves in this way other than to use the US government as their primary tool to extend control.

    5. The reason I think there is (and has been) a "US elite" is because of what happened at the Bretton Woods Conference in June 1944. The UK had a proposal to create a new currency to use as the global reserve currency, not tied to any one national currency. It was based on the "bancor" concept of Keynes. On the other hand, the US had a proposal to use the US dollar as the global reserve currency. The US proposal prevailed.

      Now, there may be a part of "the elite" that's more or completely internationalist in scope, but I think there's at least a part of "the elite", primarily (if not exclusively) in the US, which considers its interests to be aligned with continuing (if not strengthening) the US empire and its "dollar hegemony".

    6. I am influenced by Stead, that the Anglo elite think very internationally and purposefully transferred the primary tool of control from Great Britain to the US. See here:

      Are there different levels - call them concentric circles? Certainly. But the innermost ring doesn't care about country.

    7. Don't you think establishing the US dollar as the world's reserve currency would strain the relationships between US-based and UK-based big-business interests? Or is there something I'm missing here?

    8. Leaders of US-based and UK-based big-business interests are certainly in one of the inner rings, but not the innermost.

      Many of these business interests in any case are more international than they are local.

      Stead makes clear the actions of men like Rhodes - do you think Rhodes was (and others like him were) working against his (their) long term interest?

      Great Britain's ability to expand and even maintain empire was soon to reach its limit. The capacity for the United States to further expand global reach was significantly greater than that of Great Britain - this was obvious to the elite before the turn of the last century.

      If you are able to control either government, which would you choose if your ambitions were global?

      It took them 50-60 years to complete the transition. This was complete by the end of WWII.

      I also suspect that the City of London is still important - geography is irrelevant.

    9. Its a cartel guys? Can the janitor, at Bechtel Corp know that his
      janitor neighbor (working for Brown and Root) understand there rolls as means to the same end? Its satanic? generational evil?
      How did Johnson, Eisenhower know that the draconian legislation they were implementing would be leveraged into what it is today?501-c3/Panama Canal ect ect??What do you think??
      There all into esoteric religion if you follow the trail far enough.

    10. Bionic Mosquito, I do think there's been a segment of US and UK elites that have had allied business interests. Take Brown Brothers Harriman, for example. Many founding members of the CIA either worked there directly or were closely connected to it. It turns out that one of its business ancestors, Brown Brothers & Co., was centered on trade with the UK. So it's no surprise to me that some elites in the US advocated closer affiliation with the UK.

      In any event, if you don't think that US-based and UK-based big-business interests aren't in the "innermost ring", who do you think is?

    11. I should clarify my statement: there are elite who happen to hold American passports. They are not "American" in the sense that they care about America in any meaningful sense. If they could get China to go along, they would dump America in a heartbeat.

      Names? Either you and I know the same names, or the innermost ring doesn't want to be known.

    12. I'm sorry but I don't think you really answered my question about who you think the "innermost ring" consists of. You don't have to name specific individuals.

    13. It strikes me that neither Obama nor Immelt nor Dimon (purely as representative of each respective class) are in the center ring.

      I think there is significant wealth that doesn't get reported on the Forbes 500 list.

      There have been studies documenting the handful of organizations and institutions that have board representation across a large portion of the international corporate and non-profit world; there are people behind these handful of institutions.

      There are international advisory firms, also influenced by these same, inter-locking board affiliations.

    14. None of that wealth is considered sovereign by governments. Ultimately, governments see themselves as exercising ownership over giant collections of land, people, etc. called "states". Businesses are included within them.

    15. I think this is where we see things differently. I believe there is wealth that is above government.

    16. The Rothschilds.

  2. I think the drive towards world government will necessitate more war, and maybe even a major world war with nuclear exchanges. However I think the western elite are currently hoping they can overcome Russia without a world war. Instead they hope to isolate Russia by taking down its allies in the middle east and by confronting Russia in Ukraine and central Asia. Islamic jihadists are important allies of the western elite in the fight against Russia/Iran/Syria. This explains the rise of ISIS

    1. Don't forget.The fall of Soviet Communism was on of the greatest
      deception ever.With help of our media and elite of course.
      Read Antatoliy Golitsyn book "New Lies for Old".They have been planing it for years.Its all Bullshit.