Friday, February 14, 2014

Update to “Timeline to War”

I have just concluded a major update to my ongoing “Timeline to War.”  This includes references from the book “The Chief Culprit,” by Viktor Suvorov.  I have written a high level overview of the book here.  I now feel free to go back to the book and explore it in further detail.

I have also just finished another fascinating book, “The Imperial Cruise.”  It is about a trip to Asia in 1905 made by Taft on behalf of Teddy Roosevelt.  The purpose of the trip was to agree with Japan regarding Japan’s taking on the White Man’s burden (no, really!) in much of Asia.  It was, of course, unconstitutional; it also paved the way for Japanese atrocities in Asia throughout the first half of the century.

Further, the book offers an overview of US atrocities in the Philippines and other such foreign adventures of the time.  I will write about this book in the near future.


  1. BM,

    Thanks for the heads up on "The Imperial Cruise" - just starting reading it, thanks to the miracle that the internet is.

    I've also learnt much from your analysis of WWII had many fathers.

    One observation I make is that economic and human strife often is the result of some natural calamity - yet none of the published accounts of economic history make mention of this extra cause; always it's some one or other's fault. Interesting. I picked it up in "The Imperial Cruise" on the arrival of Cook to Hawaii. If this account is accurate then the British should also have caused a similar fate among the Australian aboriginals, so I wonder if the Hawaiian event might have more to do with a non-human cause of the diseases that afflicted them after Cook left. Those times were still in the throes of the Little Ice Age.

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      You make an interesting point about the Americans, Hawaiians, and disease - a topic I do not understand very well, but a point worth considering.