Friday, February 7, 2014

Performing Unnatural Acts with the EU

This is the depths of depravity to which US diplomacy has sunk:

“F**k the EU.”

That the US government is engaged in the events that is causing death and destruction in yet one more part of the world is not surprising.  This audio seems to confirm the reality:

“I think we're in play.”

The “we’re” being some segment of the US government.

I won’t go into further dissection of this leaked conversation.  If you have not read it, Daniel McAdams has done a better job of this than I could, here and here.

But what of the EU?  I have written before about the inevitable breakup of this unnatural entity – at least a breakup from its current form of political and especially currency ties.  And the lynchpin to this is Germany.

Over recent years, Germany has played, at best, the reluctant partner – to both the EU and the United States.  One example is regarding Libya, where Germany – along with Brazil, India, Russia, and China – abstained from voting for the desired US / British sanctions.

One of the longest running threads in my theories of the past, present and future of the ways of the world is regarding the coming realignment of power – one with diminishing US control and a more decentralized political world. To summarize: slowly we will see an alignment of Germany with Russia, China, and Japan – perhaps also Australia.  Certainly it is easy to see the difficulties in transition to this, but the benefits to both the politicians and the people in these countries are many.

So, back to this act of intercourse with an entire geo-political entity (I can’t even imagine the sight): what does Germany say about all of this?

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has described as "totally unacceptable" remarks by a senior US official who said "f**k the EU" while speaking about the crisis in Ukraine.

On many levels, Germany holds significant sway in the acts of various EU bodies.  This leverage comes with holding many of the economic cards.

The EU has held back from joining US threats to impose sanctions should the Ukrainian regime violently suppress the protests.

The EU holds back because Germany holds back.  France and Great Britain have not been shy about supporting US adventurism in recent years (although the British parliament regarding Syria was somewhat shocking).

There are many reasons to be concerned about the control possibilities brought on via our interconnectivity.  However, these same tools are being used to shed light on evil – through what outlets would news of this conversation been channeled in the days of a handful of government controlled news networks and newspapers?

The light of day only benefits truth.  Lies hide in corners, in darkness. As the empire is exposed for what it is – empire – many in the world, both inside but especially outside of the political borders, will react.  Change won’t be driven by the politicians – Merkel won’t drive it.  It will be demanded by a small, but growing minority.

In reaction to this minority, state actors will eventually act in different ways in order to maintain some level of control.  Regulatory democracy is the ultimate tool for control, and faith in it must be saved at all costs.


  1. So who is this small but growing minority? Is it a secret to someone other than me?

    1. Ideas generally leaning toward libertarian / non-aggression views are gaining traction. There is ample evidence in this regard.