Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sending the Youth of Europe Into the Barbed Wire

Ambrose is out with a very short, succinct blog post, entitled “Defend Europe, if you still dare.”

It is not more than 125 words, yet it packs as much wisdom as any longer commentary Ambrose has written.  Unfortunately he still doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

The youth jobless rate in Greece has just reached 64.9pc.

Little to add. This is pure policy error.

Why should there be a “policy” with which to make such a terrible “error”?

European policymakers are like the generals of Verdun, the Somme, and Passchendaele, sending their youth straight into the barbed wire

In this, Ambrose has stumbled over more wisdom than he cares to expose.  There is a desire to save the Euro at all costs.  At all costs means just that.  The same people (by class, obviously) who cause death by the millions to achieve their “policy objectives” aren’t going to feel an ounce of concern over a few unemployed Greeks (or Spaniards, or Portuguese).

Is anybody on this comment thread really willing to defend EMU any longer?

Ambrose, certainly it is clear you don’t defend them.  The question is: when will you actually expose them?

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