Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Anthony Wile Sighting

Anthony has come up for air:

I know that many of you were left wondering why The Daily Bell ceased publishing on July 16th. In due time The Bell will reappear, albeit in a somewhat different form, and you'll be notified as soon as that happens. But today, I want to tell you what has focused my attention to such an extent that I decided to devote 100% of my efforts to it.

It is an investment opportunity, for accredited investors.  It will be explained to those who attend a conference in Nova Scotia in October:

As soon as you arrive we'll put in your hands a very special report written that will explain this exceptional, elite promotion. You'll learn more about it via insightful presentations and one-on-one and small group conversations.

There you have it.


  1. I think everyone got the same E-mail. I hope the Daily Bell has not morphed into another infomercial website.

    1. Yes, I assumed so. I only published this post for completeness - I have documented each of the various changes at DB and couldn't leave this one without notice.

    2. Yes, my fear as well, particularly after researching Mr Wile and past investment involvement that ended up with the SEC chasing him for seven years( on line) and fines etc being leveled. What the truth is on this matter is debated by Mr.Wile. .
      Perhaps it was all a mistake.but it needs to be taken into consideration by anyone investing. The Bell has some very good articles by some established folks, lets hope it is all it claims to be? I still will follow it with my eyes wide open.

  2. Anthony Wile is in Stellarton,Nova Scotia.He claims he is financing company called "Vida Cannabis"run by Greg Wilson,to develop an old warehouse to grow medical marijuana.This warehouse is 300,000 that needs a roof replacement with mold growing throughout.
    Once again penny shares will be issued.