Friday, June 7, 2013

The Party Line

In twentieth-century telephone systems, a party line (also multiparty line or shared service line) was an arrangement in which two or more customers were connected directly to the same local loop.

What has been known to conspiracy theorists has been demonstrated to be conspiracy fact:

Details on millions of American phone calls. Records of e-mails, texts, video chats and more from overseas. And pulsing beneath it all, a worrying concern there's more to the government's surveillance programs than what's been acknowledged.

Why does this come out now?  I see one of two possibilities:

1)      This old news becomes mainstream news in order to soften up the population – get the masses used to the idea.  Then, all the angst blows over, and the process becomes legitimized.
2)      There is desire by the elite to pacify the angry masses with a vetted candidate – vetted, but one that speaks reasonably well on civil liberties.

I posed this possibility after the DOJ-AP, IRS, Benghazi issues all came to the attention of the mainstream.  It is possible the theory still holds.

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