Friday, June 28, 2013

No More Need for Trials

Aaron Hernandez, now former tight end for the New England Patriots, is charged with murder.  Apparently, the district attorney has presented significant evidence to the judge on this charge – I say “apparently” because I have not been paying close attention.

However, it must be the case, because every mouth on the radio and television – after the obligatory “innocent until proven guilty, after all this is America,” begins to pronounce how guilty Hernandez is. On top of this, many are going hay-wire because several people were chanting “innocent, innocent” when Hernandez was driven away.

Of course, no one is considering that the defense has not made one statement yet on this case, has not had an opportunity to examine evidence, has not presented a case, and has not cross-examined witnesses.  Why bother?  After all, the prosecutor would not prosecute unless he was certain….

I cannot say anything about the facts of the case and charges, but this isn’t my point.  In the office of the president of the United States, it is already settled that there is no need for an open trial – no need for a trial at all.  The president is empowered to kill any human on earth in secret, without formal charges and without a trial.

The talking heads all believe this to be true for Hernandez.

There was a time, in my days of innocence, when I believed it was the job of the prosecutor to reach justice and the job of the defense attorney to provide a vigorous defense.  I now know this not to be true – the evidence is overwhelmingly against this Pollyannaish notion.

Instead of ridiculing those chanting “innocent” as Hernandez is driven away, it would be worth considering the fact that, until he is proven guilty, he is not guilty (and, of course, many proven guilty are also not guilty).

However, what we get is a society becoming accustomed to, if not desirous of, no more need for trials.  It starts with the president….

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