Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creating Enemies and Maintaining Control

I have written fairly extensively regarding US policy up to and during World War II.  These writings include reviews of books regarding Pearl Harbor, the decision to use the atomic bomb, and most thoroughly several posts regarding Herbert Hoover’s book, Freedom Betrayed.

I am currently reading further on the subject, and expect to write more on this as well.  However, two views come to mind:

1)      I have commented before, yet my feeling only grows the more I read, that the objective of the United States Government in entering the Second World War was to ensure victory for Communism and Communist Russia.  By doing so, an enemy – both militarily capable and ideologically incompatible – would be available to ensure further aggrandizement of the state over an indefinite period of time (as the communists fell, a role now played by the war on terror).
2)      It was necessary that the United States enter the wars of the first half of the 20th century and assume this position of global power in order that the elites who sit above national politics had a continuing vehicle through which to lever control.  Great Britain in many ways historically served this purpose, but was by this time almost bled dry – and in any case could never offer the possibilities of wealth confiscation and international control that the United States could offer(how much lessor if Lincoln had lost the war).  The people of the United States had strong feelings of leaving Europe’s wars to Europe.  This feeling was eroded over time, and came crashing down on December 7. 

There is a danger that these views will cloud my further readings on this subject – that I will look only for confirmatory statements.  This is a risk – yet I am finding no other way to explain rationally the actions of both the United States and British governments. 

If it looks like a duck….

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