Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anthony Wile Disses Ron Paul

At The Daily Bell today, Anthony Wile wrote an editorial entitled “Auditing the Fed Is a Sideshow: Who Audits the Auditors?”

An audit of the Federal Reserve would be nice but really it wouldn't change anything. In fact, it would likely prove a kind of sideshow from reality, which is that monopoly central banking should simply be abolished.

Now this is true enough.  The central bank will not be abolished solely due to an audit.

And that probably won't happen until people get so sick and tired of being driven into bankruptcy and despair that they begin to kick the doors down and arrest the criminals cowering inside.

This is also true enough.

I have read through the column a few times.  Other than attributing the bill to Dr. Paul, I find not one mention of the work Ron Paul has done to bring the country and Congress to this point.  If Anthony views this as a sideshow why doesn’t he state plainly that Ron Paul’s efforts have been a waste of time –in fact, a distraction? 

Conversely, while it can be concluded that an audit would be a sideshow, if not a sham, is it not worthwhile to recognize the efforts of Ron Paul in being the single most important educator of the public on this general subject – that being the corruption of the current central banking system?

Anthony does neither – instead, ignoring the both the presence of Ron Paul and the successes he has had in education and exposure throughout this entire narrative.

Given the respect Anthony has shown Dr. Paul in the past, it is confusing why he has chosen this path.  It could have been possible to make the point that the audit is a distraction, or perhaps a very minor step towards the ultimate objective, while appreciating the almost single-handed efforts of Dr. Paul in bringing the Federal Reserve into the public dialogue.

It's not as if people don't already know the depths of the depravity that is the modern money system.

But most people DON’T know the depths of the depravity that is the modern money system.  This is a very ignorant statement on Anthony’s part.  Didn’t he see the targets of the 99%?  Were they after the Fed?  Were they after the true one-tenth of one percent?  How does Anthony believe the people will ever become knowledgeable enough “to kick the doors down and arrest the criminals cowering inside” without some education beforehand?

The reason to audit the Fed is to find out what "they" are up to. But we already know that.

Anthony already knows this.  More and more people already know this. But most people don’t know this. There is one primary reason more people know this today than did five years ago – Ron Paul. 

I have commented several times regarding my admiration for the work Anthony has done with The Daily Bell, despite some significant disagreements I have had with certain issues at the site.  However, this is a very disturbing editorial.  I have seen directly The Daily Bell handle with kid gloves individuals with positions 180 degrees counter to everything The Daily Bell writes about – letting personal and business relationships stand in the way of editorial content.  Yet here, Anthony writes an editorial throwing Ron Paul under the bus – a man who has done more toward educating for freedom and liberty than any one individual has in 200 years.

Ron Paul has earned enough goodwill to last a dozen lifetimes.  Anthony Wile, not so much. 

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  1. I noticed this also, Bionic. I was disturbed by it. Many people have no idea what the Federal Reserve is up to. Sure, an audit will not fix the problem. But it will bring the problems to light to a lot of people who otherwise may have no clue. We have Ron Paul to thank for that. The Daily Bell seems to have changed directions. Bluebird