Friday, July 1, 2011

Strauss-Khan: One Positive Outcome

Today we have the news that the case against DSK may be falling apart. There is a wonderfully positive side to this story - beyond the certainly positive outcome for justice in the case.

On a global scale, I cannot recall a US prosecution go so horribly bad in such a public fashion. There have been only a couple of US based stories of such turnaround - the Duke lacrosse team comes to mind, but not many more.

Consider: A high profile arrest of one of the most well known financial actors on the world stage. Drama on the plane just moments before take-off. Perp walks, passport stripped, resign from the job, no more dreams of French politics.

And now, the case seems to have all fallen apart.

If one wanted to find a story to display the worst abuses of the US judicial system to the world, a better example could not have been created than the real-world story of DSK.

There will be discussion about the implications on French Politics, the conspiracy theories behind the story (anyone who DENIES a conspiracy here should be sized for a tin-foil hat). All of this is important.

But I find the exposition of the US judicial system to the scrutiny of the world to be the most fascinating and potentially most important part of the story.

The US judicial system is broken on many levels. There have been many stories known only by family and friends that demonstrate this. There are a few stories that hit a larger audience.

The story of DSK was the biggest story around the world on the day of his arrest. It has remained high-profile because of the financial drama around the world and the search for DSK's replacement at the IMF.

It is a story that was perfect in its design if one wanted to expose the faults of the US justice system to the ridicule of the world. This to me is the biggest part of the story today.


  1. Bug,
    Thought you might enjoy this vid. Watch all of it!

  2. My first thought on DSK's arrest was: follow the money. Check whether the maid and/or the DA received benefits either in cash or in other payments (e.g., luxury goods, nice vacation, ...)

    Guess this is still actual. DSK was no saint but he was mercilessly fed to the sharks. Guess I should alter my short story The collision at my blog...

    P.S.: BM, thanks for your heart-warming, continuous support to my fiction-story efforts... Much appreciated.

  3. Leonardo

    See today at LRC regarding the DSK story:

    "Dodge City on the Hudson" by Eric Margolis

    "This incredible circus puts the US justice system on trial before the eyes of the world. The Wild West frontier arrest and treatment of DSK, the lynch-mob mood, the media orgy, and his public humiliation make the US look like a nasty third world state where prosecutors and media collude."

    I think he is reading my blog!