Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roger Clemens and Justice

It can certainly be said that justice has been served in the ongoing torment of Roger Clemens. Well, at least I can say it.

Why is an act of voluntarily doing something to one's own body a crime? Why should such a thing be investigated by "authorities"? Yes, don't say that the crime was that he lied to the "authorities", given that the "authorities" had no business in this matter in the first place.

I will not re-state many of my views of this general issue of steroids in baseball. I have written on this previously, as regarding Barry Bonds. The commentary can be found on this site:

I will only mention that this issue, at most, is one between employee and employer - nothing more. It should have stayed that way.

This is why I say that justice has been served in this case. It was none of the government's business to begin with.

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