Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All the Monetary Pixie Dust in One Place


Posted by bionic mosquito on 06/14/11 09:41 AM

"Anything that confuses people about money and banking is probably helpful to Anglosphere elites in their quest to keep their Money Power franchise intact - which in turn funds their quest for a new world order."

Quite true. We will see many of the confusing (and false) theories posted here today:

1) There is not enough gold to fund modern production

2) Money is created for the principal, but not for the interest

3) A gold standard won't work, as the elite have all of the gold

4) Politicians can control the money supply better than central bankers can

5) The money supply must grow with the size of the economy

6) The source of commercial credit is not saving but consumption

7) Gold and silver should be the only money, but the state must operate the mint

8) Why limit the growth of the economy to the growth in gold?

9) Access to credit needn't be contingent on someone else's agreement to give it up

10) The growth of the money supply doesn't matter, as long as prices are stable

It should be a fun day.

In the end, free-market competition in money and credit is the only proper answer, as DB often suggests. No legal tender laws, no government monopoly of money, no adverse tax consequences based solely on the type of money chosen for use.

The (relatively) free market has solved "money" in the past; the (relatively) free market has solved the problem of the production and distribution of far more complex goods than money today.

"Money" is a relatively simple problem for a free market to solve. Leave it to the market.


  1. Hey BUG!

    Well, I have finally hit the wall with this DB forum. Put enough up that those who want to read can read them.

    Can't hack the BS from Ingo, and don't know why the DB kisses his ass.

    It seems self canceling to me, but what would I know!

    Anyway, enjoyed our exchanges.

    I have to keep my attention on the Markets!

  2. Wayne

    I hope this does not mean you are leaving DB for good. Your comments bring a nice dimension to the discussion.

    As to Ingo, I believe there is a personal relationship between him and Mr. Wile. Ingo regularly calls him "Tony" when he is commenting on an editorial written by "Anthony" Wile.

    But overall, I don't complain. DB is doing a good job with what can often be a difficult audience.