Donate (But Not to Me)

I don't want any donations.  I don't take advertising.  I write here on topics that are of interest to me, and I am very pleased that others find my writing worthwhile.

Many wonder what can be done to make a difference.  As Rothbard suggests here, education is the key.

So donate of your time.  Find any avenue where you feel comfortable, and use it to educate: write a blog, teach at a homeschool co-op or church group, forward meaningful articles to friends, etc.

Donate your money, to the extent you feel called and are able.  There are many wonderful organizations that are effective at spreading the message of liberal, free-market thinking and exposing the harm of state interventions in all forms.  Find one that fits your views best, and support it.

I suggest these:

Ludwig von Mises Institute


  1. is another good recommendation. They do good work and you can see the results they are getting.

    1. I agree. The IJ is doing applied economic liberty work in the field, in the belly of the Leviathan, and winning.

    2. Don't be fooled!

      I'm a former contributor, and it's my opinion that it's probably just another money guzzling "advocacy"scheme along the lines of Cato and the NRA, et al.

    3. And we can understand that coming from someone who can't even come up with a screen name...

  2. Of course, this is not liberalism, this is classic liberalism...

  3. Thank you for your blog. I greatly appreciate the historical aspects of your articles. I enjoy history, and have longed to find various books related to my own historical interests.

    Your writing style is fluid and easy to understand, and filled with though-provoking content.

    Thank you.