Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Subject to Higher Powers

A couple of months ago, Bob Murphy had a conversation with Lawrence Ludlow regarding the interpretation and understanding of Romans 13.  I found it quite worthwhile, including an explanation of why words in Greek or Latin require so many English words for us to grasp at the possible meaning.  Which means that the English word chosen to translate from Greek or Latin must be determined based on context and must be understood in the context and in the way that the same word is used elsewhere.

In any case, anyone interested in a further exposition of this passage – one that has caused no shortage of grief for humanity and for Christians who value liberty – it is a good exposition.  One will also find a comment from our very own RMB!

As background, I have written on this topic several times, including:

·         Christians and Government – this is a review of the relevant chapter from Gerard Casey’s book, Freedom's Progress?: A History of Political Thought

·         Does God Ordain Evil Men – a review of Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission, by Timothy Baldwin and Chuck Baldwin

·         Enough With Romans 13 – my own thoughts in the immediate aftermath of March 2020.

Then there is this, from RMB: The Church And State In Romans 13

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