Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Precondition for Peace


I find this an excellent statement, from Archpriest Andrey Tkachev:

“Everyone talks about their own banal understanding of peace, without naming the main reasons for the war: there will be no peace for the sodomites, there will be no peace for those who kill children, there will be no peace for those who change their gender, there will be no peace for thieves and those who do wicked things, and for those who have stopped praying and are immersed in sin up to their nostrils – there will be no peace for them, ever. All the patriarchs, all priests and bishops should proclaim this.

“We need," the archpriest concluded, "to start a serious conversation about peace, about the genesis of war, about the genesis of sin, about the inner connection between sin and war, about the deep godlessness of modern civilizations and the fact that, for humanity, all this will inevitably result in bloodshed. This is simply God's Law.”

In order to live in peace, one must first repent.  In order to repent, one must recognize a sin as sin. 

I read this statement and shake my head at why such a simple concept is beyond the reach of so many Christian leaders today.


  1. Our current selected representatives at the top are working furiously to make it illegal to select anyone that is not a democrat. The piece they want is not the peace we will end up with. Their Just-Us is pieceful.

  2. Most moderns have been taught that war is caused by economic troubles, religious bigotry, & lack of social justice. All of these are collective, this group vs that group. the only sins are greed & extremism. Individual sins are not important. This prevents recognition of sin.

  3. I posted a link to this page this morning, along with a comment, to Here is the comment.

    “They will cry, ‘Peace, peace’, when there is no peace.”

    We are awash in a culture in which there is no peace, yet insist on constantly pushing beyond the limits of what creates peace. In an era where anything goes and individual freedom without personal restraint and self-control is celebrated and worshipped, where massive amounts of fraud and theft are perpetrated against the culture, where abortion on demand and military aggressiveness are worshipped, where people are taught from birth to hate themselves, it is no wonder that we are in the mess we are.

    Turning the greatest commandment (and the second) on its head to make it fit modern culture,

    “You shall hate the Lord your God…and you shall hate your neighbor as you hate yourself.”

    There will be no peace on Earth until this mindset changes on a widespread level.

  4. Each and every man and woman of God needs to proclaim this! The statement needs to be read in the Churches! Chesterton was adamant that war, in itself, is not a sin; to wage war against evil is a virtue.

  5. American Christian leaders don't have a Christian or biblical view of society. They have a secular liberal view at best. When Christians talk about politics, economics, war, societal sin, the American Christian leader has been rewarded for thinking and saying what the left liberal wants them to say. If they took the opposite stance those whose favor they seek would call them "mean".