Tuesday, September 20, 2022



November 5, 2022: President Biden signed an executive order regarding the upcoming elections on November 8: anyone who questions the results will be immediately cutoff from all financial accounts, and will be subject to prosecution as a terrorist.


November 9, 2022: In a stunning rebuke to the MAGA terrorists and Christian nationalists, Democrats picked up six seats in the Senate and fifteen seats in the House of Representatives.  In a result not seen since the 1830s, voter turnout was actually higher in this mid-term election than in the prior presidential election – which was, as you know, already the highest turnout ever recorded in history, electing the most popular president in history.

The results were unprecedented, stunning even the most seasoned pundits.  In a year when inflation is soaring and supply chains are in shambles, the incumbent party gained ground.  This in contrast to the election in 2020, when, despite a robust economy and low inflation, the incumbent president was swept away in a landslide by the most popular president ever.

As for gubernatorial races, the results were even more stunning.  While democrat incumbents retained their positions in every race, other than Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming, all republican governors lost their seats. 

Even Ron DeSantis was swept out of office, in a repudiation of his hate-filled, bigoted, misogynistic and xenophobic white nationalist covid policies, thus putting an end to any hope of running for president in 2024.


January 3, 2023: On their first day in session, the new congress passed several landmark pieces of legislation:

1)      The Supreme Court will be increased in number from nine justices to fifteen

2)      All firearms with a caliber 9 mm or greater will have to be re-registered, with the firearm stored by law enforcement until such time that the owner is interviewed by federal law enforcement personnel.

3)      Church attendance requires registration on a national database – an effort supported by all but the most radical and hate-filled, bigoted, misogynistic and xenophobic white nationalist church leaders

4)      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Transportation Safety Administration will both be reorganized under the Department of Defense – which will then be reorganized under the Central Intelligence Agency

5)      The Internal Revenue Service, with its 70,000 newly hired and fully armed agents, will be reorganized under the Federal Bureau of Investigations

6)      Customs and Border Patrol will have the responsibility to monitor all travel into and out of the aforementioned states of Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.  All other state and national borders will be open.

7)      Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico are each granted statehood, with each having to appoint two senators and a representative within 30 days.

8)      Effective January 1, 2024, all new vehicles sold in the United States must be electric powered.

9)      Abortions, up to and including three months after birth, are now legal throughout the country.


January 6, 2023: President Biden, standing in front of a red and black background and surrounded by what we are told are full-sized Minuteman Missile replicas, announced a series of sweeping sanctions against Russia, China, and everyone who voted republican in the preceding November election. 

While those who voted third-party are exempt from such sanctions, those who didn’t vote at all are subject to execution by lethal injection.


January 10, 2023: President Biden, surrounded by forty-five democrat governors and the newly appointed governors of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, announced that anyone entering a church, grocery store, bank, office, gas station, or any other establishment will first be required to take an injection of Pfizer or Moderna on the spot.  These will be provided at no charge to the recipient.

Only one injection per day will be required, regardless of the number of locations visited.


January 15, 2023: NATO troops, after a blistering aerial bombing campaign, enter the Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, and Taiwan.


Obviously, an exercise on my part.  I am certain I cannot conceive of the evil planned by those who are the Sons of Disobedience – it is well below my pay grade.  However, we will pass through this dystopian nightmare, as have many before us in the dystopian nightmares of their times.  While there will be many martyrs, it seems to me that God uses such times to purify His Church.

The dragon always makes war on the offspring who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.  But Babylon, the universalizing demon, will fall.  She always does, as she must.  And while this may be the last time, it need not be so.

But either way, then comes the Rider on the White Horse. 



  1. Well below your pay grade? Or well above it?

    And will you be changing your name to Orson Welles, the Second? Shouldn't this have been published in the Babylon Bee, which, as everyone knows, never stretches anything?

    I was right at the point of waking my wife up so that she could read this when I came to a line which was an obvious whopper--"Only one injection per day will be required,..."

    I'm kicking myself now. Why did I find this so believable that I swallowed it? You have never lied to me before. I'm onto you now. Fool me once, you know.

    1. I surely hope, but I shall not back up that belief with cash, that this is not a prophetic look at November 2022 and thereafter. With a ruling oligarchy that sees itself as beyond good and evil, with assistance from their Father Below, anything is possible, and, given the oligarchs' control of almost every major institution and increasingly militarized bureaucracy, "Faites vos jeux, mesdames et messieurs!"
      Kyrie eleison!

    2. Did you fail to notice the dates on this post, all in the future? Speculation, but also possibly prescient. Peg in Oregon

  2. "However, we will pass through this dystopian nightmare, as have many before us in the dystopian nightmares of their times."

    This is what I have been telling my wife and children. Just as people have suffered through evil times before us, we have entered the most evil of times and the worst is in front of us, carried out by people in government "just doing their job." - Greg

    1. The key words being "pass through", as in, "come out of it". Some of us will emerge from it eventually and go on to build a new, hopefully better, society.

      "Yea, though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..." -- Psalms 23

    2. It shall pass, like a kidney stone, but it shall pass.


    3. And a large number of people will not survive. Your attitude is biased by the fact your ancestors survived the past "passing throughs." Many did not, and each time there was a culling. And there is no reason to suspect that there necessarily must be an end to a dystopian nightmare, just because of the past. In fact, the past shows us that dystopian nightmares reoccur and can persist for long periods of time. Multi-generational lengths of time. Technology just makes it less and less likely that such a period will end, as it makes control more successful and affordable.

  3. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, published in 1841 by Charles Mackay. In it you will see that the madness in current America is nothing new. Peg in Oregon

  4. We have the following, from Tom DiLorenzo:


    "Colorado shows us the way. Zuckerberg employee — a Democrat, a complete unknown to Colorado Republicans, and a board member of Zuckerberg’s “private election mafia” organization — the “Center for Tech and Civil Life” — enters the secretary of state race and overcomes a 35-point deficit to miraculously win the Republican primary for the office that oversees “election integrity.” Dominion voting machines are used in Colorado, naturally."

  5. I'm not sure what Mystery Babylon stands for, but I look forward to its fall. Like the One Ring in LOTR, it seems to be the concentrated center of power for God's human enemies. And ours.
    Things are going down. On a global scale so there's nowhere to run and hide. Everything is so bad--poisoned soil, sterilized humanity, bioweapons incorporated into the ecosystem--that I see no hope without divine intervention in the near future.

    1. "...it seems to be the concentrated center of power for God's human enemies. And ours."

      Any centralizing and universalizing power. And its leader is not a human power, but the leader of the sons of disobedience.