Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Age Does Not Equal Maturity


Two recent videos on the topic of Russia and Ukraine.  One at Pints with Aquinas between Matt Fradd and Fr Jason Charron.  The second at Gospel Simplicity between Austin Suggs and Fr John Strickland.

From Pints with Aquinas: Responding to Archbishop Viganò & What's Going on in Ukraine w/ Fr Jason Charron

Fr Charron has ties to Ukraine, and Fradd just visited there in the wake of the war.

I made it through about ten minutes of this two-hour plus video.  It was a lot of ranting, all sympathetic to the Ukrainian story.  Also, while not commenting on any of the details in the Vigano letter, certain that it wasn’t authored by Vigano.  Also, just because the media has lied to us about covid and everything else, doesn’t mean we should not believe them this time.

I am sure I am oversimplifying or overstating.  And perhaps things calmed down after the first ten minutes.  But reading the comments, a good portion had similar reactions.  My comment:

Ten minutes in.  This rant is too much.

If you intend to discuss issues involving international relations, get someone unemotional about and knowledgeable on the topic - preferably someone who can rationally present a view other than the CNN-style "Russia bad, everyone else good."

And this was the real mess of the video.  Was it a discussion of empathy, or was it an examination of international relations?  All of the emotion of people connected to one side of the situation – I get it.  But then at the same time acting as if they can rationally address the complexity of the situation, the points in Vigano’s letter, etc. 

Continuing my comment:

In the meantime, one can feel tremendous sorrow for the people of Ukraine at this time.  Too bad the same wasn't felt for the thousands killed by Ukrainian shelling in the Donbass over the last eight years.

And if you are going to have an international relations discussion on the topic, at least bring to the fore the actual statements by Putin, Lavrov, even Vigano, and address these one by one.

Now to Gospel Simplicity: Orthodox Priest and Russian Historian Explains the Historical Background to the War in Ukraine.  The priest is Fr Strickland, and regular readers know that I am in the middle of reviewing his third in an anticipated four-part series on the history of Christendom – East and West.  What I have found regarding Fr Strickland through his writing is that he is able to remain reasonably dispassionate about a topic for which it is easy to fall hard on one side or the other – he is, after all, an Orthodox priest.

This was a very helpful discussion, primarily focused on the history of the region, to include a focus on the history of the Christian faith and Orthodoxy.  Right at the beginning, both Suggs and Fr Strickland pointed out the sympathy they held for the people affected.  They knew they were discussing what is an emotionally charged subject for many people – and understandably emotionally charged.

They remained calm throughout, despite Fr Strickland having deep ties to Russia – he lived in St. Petersburg for a time and met his wife there.  My comment at this site:

This is an excellent discussion.  An exposition of the history, and a focus on what the Church must do.  Of course, as should be expected, anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly bash Russia will be attacked...and we see this in the comments.

I am reviewing the books in Fr. Strickland's four-part history of Christendom and have also corresponded with him privately.  I appreciate his demeanor and approach.  It is an example for others to follow, including many commenting at this site.

Further, the approach taken by Suggs on a topic that is extremely charged, was exemplary. 


Fr. Strickland is an Orthodox priest; Fr Charron, Catholic.  Although they each have strong ties to the countries involved – one Russia, the other Ukraine – it was only Fr Strickland that remained calm while discussing the issues.

Austin Suggs is a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  I believe he graduates this year, so he can’t be but 22 or 23 years old.  He is not yet married, although engaged.

Matt Fradd is married, several children.  I have no idea how old he is, but he must have at least a couple of decades on Suggs.

I found that it was only the younger of the two who was able to have a mature and Christ-like conversation on this emotionally-charged topic. 


  1. Frightening, but, alas, not surprising that so many among the faithful have adopted the World's "zombie mindset" where this issue is concerned.

  2. For anyone who wants to hear in depth explanation on Ukraine. Listen to recent episodes of the Scott Horton Show, Jocko Unraveling, Martyrmade, and Unregistered with Thad Russell.

    Much of the information is redundant, but it covers details around NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine's Neo-Nazi groups, and Ukrainian lobbying the US government over the last 2 years.

    Hint. It's all Russian talking points according to neocons. I have presented much of the data to neocons over the last few weeks and have been called all kinds of heinous names. But they never have any come back other than, "but Putin is a bad guy, therefore I can ignore it."

  3. Mr. Bionic, there is no fool like an old fool.

  4. Been trying to pay more attention here. Using my eyes and ears more than my mouth/keyboard.
    Went and listened to that whole thing on Pints with Aquinas (which have never heard of before).
    Came away with a couple things. First How little does me know LoL.... second when the talk about who holds back the "antchrist"? Who holds that back in from my limited perspective was not Rome or Constantinople or Moscow.
    Who has always stood in the way? What or who was Paul talking about in when he said He who holds back?
    Early on the Romans called the followers of Jesus atheists for not taking part in the Public Religion offered by Rome.
    Have listened to lots of preachers of many colors over the years and they mostly tell me I am the problem. I must change. I must adopt their special sauce and style or Ritual.
    Yes have jumped through many hoops over the years.
    Jesus did not do many rituals other than heal the sick, forgive people. One big one he did was he fired the money changers at the temple welfare office and appointed others over the Kingdom. That is the one that got him arrested in the middle of the night and murdered. It is the people who choose to not eat at the Kings Table of Benefits who stand in the way. This is the way that has seemed best to me over the last few years? The Socialist security number can not get rid if it really. But It is not mandatory to take the benefit.
    Changing the worlds government is not the answer.
    Fighting it is not an option they have way more weapons.
    Me thinks the way is just stop taking part as much as you can. Find others ,they are out there.
    For example ,recently saw folks complaining about what the government schools are teaching.
    Well first off the government runs them.
    They fund them by taking money from your neighbor by force.
    You participate in a free benefit given by men who call them selfs benefactors.
    Take the benefit ,bear the burden.
    Better option don't fight them in their court.
    Get together with your neighbors take your kids out and run your own homeschool. But that is not an option they say. Why not? For too many years we have given up responsibilities to government. We gave up rights to get benefits.
    This has become a snare and we have been turned into merchandise.
    OK that is how it seems to me.
    It is quite possible that myself is completely incorrect am open to that.
    So with that I put these links on here because this is a project that i have taken part in doing a small amount of reading for typo errors and had limited permission to change spelling or punctuation. But in that process Much of what these people are saying seems to ring more true than all of the religions so far. What religions. well first was born into catholic. My mom had lost of statues and beads She also talked to mediums and did tricks with cards.
    Later found out there was other "churches" went to the Pro testants. Mom about went out of her mind. Started off a Baptist , move to Charismatics, Pentecostals, Mormom < Jehovah witness 7th day advent, Jewish, British Israel. White Israel, Black Israel. Home church. then one day threw my hands up and said what the @#$@ man who is who and left the whole thing.
    One thing for sure.. the Hound of Heaven never relents.
    At that point it was just myself and this Invisible God.
    Then along comes this thing called the Internet.