Friday, December 3, 2021

Malignant Narcissism

Human nature would not allow them to kill their own children … if they did not expect some reward for what they were doing or if they did not believe that they were sending their children to a better place.

Bernabé Cobo, 1653

Today, you can scratch that “believe that they were sending their children to a better place” part.  They are just after a reward….

Narcissism: pathological self-absorption… characterized by an inflated self-image and…an unusual coolness and…by the tendency to take others for granted or to exploit them.

Among the different types, malignant narcissists are by far the most harmful to others. … [They have] a poor sense of self and lack of empathy.

Olympic gold medalist Crissy Perham talks about why she joined the Supreme Court fight over abortion

In a moment reflecting the growth of activism within women's sports, athletes including Megan Rapinoe, Diana Taurasi, Brittney Griner and Sue Bird argued in the amicus brief that abortion rights have helped advance women's sports and that future athletes would suffer without those protections.

Read that enough times to let it sink in.  No concern about the suffering of the unborn child, but plenty of concern about the self – not for safety or anything; just a hindrance to playing sports.

If the State compelled women athletes to carry pregnancies to term and give birth, it could derail women's athletic careers, academic futures, and economic livelihoods at a large scale."

Or, maybe, don’t spread your legs.

After this introduction, there follows an interview of Crissy Perham.  Following are some of her comments:

I think the reason it's really important that I speak out and share my story is there's such a finite time to be the elite athlete you want to be.

It’s all about me, while being most harmful to others.

She became pregnant at 19, then had an abortion. 

I was a good kid but I had a car and I really liked to party and I really liked my friends, and that was my focus.

She was a good kid who liked to party (to my understanding, code for “get drunk”) and get pregnant. 

It’s all about me, while I exploit others.

My mom and dad had done the same thing. They'd gotten married in college and my mom had me a couple years later.

Lucky for her that her mother didn’t want to play sports.

I did not want to give up being a college athlete and it was kind of another huge spotlight on my inner workings.

It’s all about me, while being most harmful to others.

There was no way I was going to give up any of that.

It’s all about me and my lack of empathy.

It was not an easy decision. I had been a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. I had already watched friends go through that.

It seems her life choices prior to getting pregnant primed her for her life choices after getting pregnant.

She was asked what role, if any did the abortion play in her athletic career:

What it did was give me an opportunity to stay on the path that I was currently on rather than deviate for maybe a year or two and maybe never come back to that path. So it's not the Olympics and it's not the gold medal.

It’s all about me.

I am a lapsed Catholic. I definitely was a good Catholic. I don't really think of myself as a bad Catholic.

A good Catholic that volunteered at Planned Parenthood.  A good Catholic just like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. 

Oh, and none of that Bible stuff:

…I'm not going to have someone from a book that was written by a bunch of dudes a really long time ago, I'm not going to have them decide my life because I'm pretty sure we're also never supposed to cut our hair and eat seafood or wear polyester.

She came up a little short in her theological training.

And me talking to the God that I want to talk to, my loving God, that's something between he/she and me and not anyone else.

It’s all about me.  I get to make my god in my image.  It really doesn’t work the other way around – at least not for me.  But it’s OK for those who want to listen to a bunch of dudes a really long time ago.


My reproductive healthcare isn't really anybody else's business except for mine and my partner.

Well…and the baby’s.  But it isn’t at all about him…or her.

Malignant narcissist: Characterized…by the tendency to take others for granted or to exploit them. 

…malignant narcissists are by far the most harmful to others. …

[Malignant narcissists have] a poor sense of self and lack of empathy.


  1. Also possibly worth noting that female athletes have been using abortion as a performance enhancer for years; pregnancy increases the body's ability to handle physical stress and endurance, so they get pregnant for the boost, then kill the baby after a few months so they don't suffer the debilitating effects of carrying to term.

    Am I saying any of these women have done so? I am not. It is, however, a potential complicating factor.

    ( , for one discussion of the practice)

    1. To your point, taken from the interview in the subject article. After noting that during her first couple of years of college, when she didn't go to practice often and had bad grades, suddenly, somehow, Perham became a world-class swimmer. Her reply (and the bracketed portion is per ESPN, not me):

      "There was a huge moment [that took place a few months after the abortion]. There was old Crissy and then there was new Crissy. It was such a defining moment in my life."

      Of course, she had to add: "It wasn't the abortion."

      Well, maybe, maybe not.

    2. This is one of the most depressing things I've ever heard. I can't even beging to pray for God to have mercy over their souls. I don't care if they burn in Hell.

    3. Michael, I struggle with this also, however it is not Christian love nor how we are taught.

      But I know and understand the feeling.

      As to your other comment, a bit too much information for this blog - sorry.

  2. Wow. One can only feel pity for such a callous disregard to human life. I hope the gold medal brings her joy in her old age, comforts her, talks with her, holds her hand.

  3. "Or, maybe, don’t spread your legs."

    Women are the gatekeepers of sex. They literally own the gate. There's no getting around this, but this does not absolve careless and irresponsible men of the blame of unwanted pregnancy. I've argued with pro-abortionists who say that unwanted pregnancy is the man's faulty exclusively, because they control ejaculation, and therefore the woman is free to abort. They just cannot seem to understand that even if I granted them this absurd ground, the baby would still be blameless and hence abortion is still wrong. Even abortion after a rape is wrong. Louis C.K. was right. Abortion is either killing a baby... or it's like taking a dump.

    "I don't really think of myself as a bad Catholic."

    If I didn't know anything else about her, I'd know she was a bad Catholic from this statement alone. Lol Every good Catholic knows that being racked with the guilt of sin and inadequacy is the fundamental baseline of the Catholic attitude! =)

    If we use the logic of the Biologos argument you highlighted a few weeks back in favor of pro-life Christians (sad you have to even qualify Christian this way) receiving vaccines derived from a cell line which required hundreds of abortions (HEK-293), we could say that this young budding saint redeemed the bad of getting an abortion to do the good of enjoying swimming around in a big pool unencumbered by a fat tummy for a while. She made good out of bad just like Jesus!

    I joke but she could still become an actual saint. Everyone can, but she ain't yet headed in that direction. I pray she changes course for her own sake.

  4. Holy moly. God will you destroy America with burning fire if 100 righteous still remain? 50? 10? Or should I start running to never look back?

  5. What would we do without women's sports? What would the world be like without it? Trannies wouldn't have a fall back plan, I guess. But I think the world is probably a better place. Sounds like less abortions, which would be a big plus. Plus proffesional women's sports is kind of an abortion itself.

  6. "...or if they did not believe that they were sending their children to a better place." - Bernabe Cobo

    But this is exactly what Andrea Yates believed at the time she drowned her five children in 2001.

    And why not? The church she had been attending held to the doctrine of the Age of Accountability which states that children which die before they can determine between good and evil go automatically to Heaven. Most Christians who subscribe to this 'theory' peg that time at about five years old. After that, it is either confess your sins and accept Jesus or "You're doomed!"

    Unfortunately, for Yates, her oldest child was six years old. He knew that what she was doing was wrong and he tried to flee in self defense. Did she send him to Heaven to be in the arms of Jesus forever or did she deliver him to Satan's torture chamber?

    I'd better stop. My temper's starting to rise.

    1. Age of accountability is an a doctrine I have never understood. I have heard pastors say it is up to 12 years even. But I always thought the the idea was created to comfort mother who lost babies. Comforting grieving mothers is a good and necessary thing but constructing doctrine ex nihilo is misguided.

    2. RMB,

      Thank you. Your reply is instructive.

      Taken to an extreme, this "doctrine" could be used to justify doing nothing to stem the slaughter of unborn children. After all, these aborted babies are safe in Heaven and will never have to experience Hell, that is, except for the moment they are ripped apart, poisoned, suffocated, etc., which is a momentary, one-time event. Better this than to run the risk that they might grow up and die in Hell forever.

      If this were true (it is not), then we should encourage the killing of ALL unborn children. If that were to happen (it will not), the burgeoning movement into Hell could be stopped dead (pardon the pun) in its tracks.

      Kill them all! Let God sort them out!

      Please pardon my invective. I get fired up about this.

    3. I think it is reasonable to hope, based on God's great mercy and Christ's affinity for children, that all those children who die without receiving baptism through no fault of their own, will find their place in Heaven. There is no established doctrine of the Catholic Church on this, nor anything definitive in the Bible, only theological speculation on an intermediate place called limbo, and hope for salvation.

      My wife miscarried a few times, so we are intimately familiar with this hope.

    4. Becoming pregnant purposely, then aborting purposely for the sake of enhanced athletic performance!? Monstrous! Peg