Saturday, June 5, 2021

Worth a Listen


While you are out in the yard today, or walking the dog, or fixing the car, or whatever….

Jordan Peterson had a conversation with Rex Murphy. From the introduction:

Rex is a Canadian commentator and author who deals primarily with Canadian political and social matters. He is best known for working on and for CBC Here and Now, CBC Radio 1’s Cross Country Checkup, writing for The Globe and Mail and writing for The National Post. He is a well-recognised and loved figure.

I found this the most valuable conversation Peterson has had since his return, other than (or second to) his conversation with Jonathan Pageau.  It is worth noting how similar – even identical – the cultural and political splits are in Canada as they are in the United States; maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise.  Maybe it’s the case in the Anglo world, to include Australia, New Zealand, and Britain; maybe it’s the case in all of the remnants of Western Christendom.

Murphy’s is a remarkable story, going from very hardscrabble Newfoundland to a very prominent national voice in Canada.  Perhaps this helps give him the perspectives that he has (as may also be true for Peterson, given his upbringing and where he was raised in small-town Alberta). 

The conversation is two-hours long, and I won’t do my usual capture of various statements, etc.  In the video notes, a time-stamped index is offered if you want to find sections of more interest, although I recommend the entire conversation.

I offer some examples from the comments to the video:

Rex: “Trudeau is not as large as the nation that he thinks he’s governing.”! ~ Another dead-on zinger!

“We are allowing charlatans to wreck the intellectual standards of the Western world”

You're the man Rex. CBC has been completely corrupted without your presence.

"The university is the continuation of a conversation across centuries..." JP just throws off these profound phrases without effort. Brilliant interview. I don't know anything about Rex, but will definitely look into his work.

"The spine requires calcium and there's no milk in the CBC."  No one but Rex Murphy, can bring a point across with such poetic majesty. Love him!

"Dropping their low IQ bombs from a great height." Rex Murphy

That should be sufficient to give you the tone and tenor.

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