Monday, April 12, 2021

The Borg Go to Jonestown


“We are the Borg."

-          The Collective

The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek fictional universe. The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called "the Collective". The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of "assimilation": forcibly transforming individual beings into "drones" by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg's ultimate goal is "achieving perfection"

"They left behind their trivial, selfish lives, and they've been reborn with a greater purpose. We've delivered them from chaos into order."

-          Borg Queen


On November 18, 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. Many of Jones’ followers willingly ingested a poison-laced punch….


Over the last few months, I don’t believe I have been on a call that hasn’t begun with “have you taken the vaccine?”  None of these people do I feel close enough to that I would bother explaining that it isn’t a vaccine, but in some cases I have offered some comment.  But before I get to that….

When did it become a thing to discuss openly – sometimes with dozens of people on the call (technically a zoom meeting or some such, but….) – one’s medical situation?  They will even ask about your – and tell stories about their – husbands, wives, children.  Since when is this normal?

We aren’t even allowed to discuss Joe Biden’s dementia, but we can discuss our jab status openly?  Does anyone discuss their hemorrhoids?  Prostate?  Impotence issues?  Menopause?  No…at least not yet.  But the shot?  They are almost giddy, telling stories about how they had to cross two states to get to a place that was offering a dose – some, even crossing country borders. 

Every call starts this way.  Like a ten-year-old letting his parents know about his Boy Scout badge, or a twelve-year-old telling his buddy about how he found his dad’s Playboy Magazine…. Giddy with joy if successful, agonizing if not.

When I am asked, I just say that I have never yet volunteered for a clinical trial, and I don’t intend to start now.  Usually this is followed by silence – either they all think I am stupid (probably the majority), or they are wondering why no one ever mentioned this (maybe an immeasurably small percent).

Rarely, someone will ask a follow-up – never on a group call, but if we are speaking one-one-one.  “Of course it is approved, why else would they be giving the shot?”  I patiently explain it is only an emergency authorization and that clinical trials aren’t scheduled to conclude for two years.

On an even more rare occasion, the person would say, “well, no one has been getting hurt from it.”  I then ask them if they are aware of the government database that tracks tens-of-thousands of adverse reactions, even including death.  Pretty much, they are silent after this.

Of course, there is much more that I can say, not only about the jab but going back to the “flatten the curve” era of a year ago.  But if they can’t deal with taking part in the animal trial phase of a medical experiment – a fact so well documented by official government sources – then they can’t deal with any of the truth.


I have seen hundreds of cars lined up at sports facilities, for a drive-through jab: Jonestown, repeated in every city across the nation.  In the parking lot, a dozen or more tents, with cars lined up behind each one.  I assume (as I would never get close enough to be sure) that under this tent, the driver would put down his window, roll up his sleeve, then drive off.  Just like getting a burger at In-n-Out.

Having seen many individuals with negative reactions immediately after taking the jab (including passing out, getting dizzy, etc.), one wonders why these people are allowed to drive immediately thereafter.  Well, I guess it’s no wonder – because, as we have been told, there are no negative reactions – these are perfectly safe and fully tested.

Let’s just say that I don’t drive near the exit of these mass jabbing sites.


I hear radio spots, very encouraging about the jab.  Sure, I get the propaganda.  On this topic of corona, we have been reminded constantly for well over a year now.  One spot is quite interesting: this “vaccine” has been fully tested, with no shortcuts.

I guess the advertiser hasn’t been to the FDA website….

Apparently there is an add-on for your web browser, letting you know if the site from which you are getting covid and jab information is reliable.  I am guessing won’t pass this test.


I had a physical recently.  Well, not exactly a physical.  It was a virtual physical.  Yes, those words actually go together now.  The very first question from the doctor: “did you take the vaccine?”  I said I wouldn’t participate in a clinical trial.  He was stunned: “even Pfizer and Moderna?”  I said no.  He repeated, with more emphasis: “Pfizer and Moderna?  “No.”  I didn’t bother telling him: especially not Pfizer and Moderna.

Was he ignorant of the difference of official authorization vs. emergency use?  I didn’t bother asking him.  In every one of these conversations, I say as little as possible – and nothing if not asked directly.


I am slowly developing criteria for when to speak and what to say.  Unfortunately, I am wishing I gained this faster.  Yes, we should always speak the truth, but I am concluding these days that on certain subjects it will have to be enough that I don’t lie.

There is so much truth I could speak to family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and colleagues on this topic of corona, masks, and the jab.  Actually, I did speak these truths to those closest to me.  It rarely, if ever, did any good.  Well, I will slightly modify this: it may have done some good in the cases where the other person already held some doubt about the tale society was trying to shove down his or her throat.

Now, I go through a hierarchy filter: how close am I to this person, how important is this person to me?  If they don’t pass through this filter, I say as little as possible – nothing when I can.  But even if the person is close: what was their reaction a year ago and since then, when I talked about the nonsense of flatten the curve, masks, anti-social distancing, the data demonstrating virtually no risk to the otherwise healthy, that obese people account for 80% of deaths attributed to corona, and 94% of deaths average 2.4 co-morbidities (the numbers may be different today, I quit trying to update my knowledge)?

If they couldn’t handle straight-up CDC / WHO data then, why would they internalize FDA data on the status of the jab today?

So, if asked directly by someone important to me, I will speak what I understand to be true.  Otherwise, silence is my policy…as best as I can.


The Borg are going to Jonestown, the drones of the collective lining up for the juice.  Am I exaggerating, making fun of a devastating event where over nine-hundred died more than forty years ago?  Hardly.  According to the VAERS data, far more than that number have died as a result of the jab, with tens-of-thousands injured in other ways.

They are risking their lives on an experimental jab in a clinical trial, all in order to (maybe, but likely not) avoid getting a virus that has virtually zero chance of killing them – as long as they don’t take the jab. 

The collective is on overdrive, checking around to see if there are any who deviate from the hive mind led by the queen.

To the Borg, the concept of death was an irrelevant idea in their philosophy. Instead of elaborate rituals or burials, when a drone was damaged beyond repair, it was simply discarded.

This describes how I see those who react to my questioning their assumptions.  I can be simply ignored…discarded.


There is much talk about making the jab mandatory – several universities have made such announcements, businesses are discussing this, etc. 

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.

Resistance is futile.

-          The Borg

But resistance wasn’t futile in all cases in Star Trek.  There are several examples both from Next Generation and Voyager where this wasn’t the case.  Resistance won’t be futile for us, either; it could be lifesaving.


  1. Virtually all my phone conversations are work related and focused on project completions. I do not know of any in which someone asked me The Question. After reading your situation, I consider myself blessed.

    Yes, we should always tell the truth, but we do not have to tell everything we know.

    Anyone, Borg or not, who wins all (or most) of the time eventually grows accustomed to it, becoming arrogant and proud in the process. But, "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

    Resistance, when done for the right reasons, is not futile at all, even if you lose the struggle. It depends on your end goal. An ax, swung once against the bole of an oak tree, will not do much damage, but the same ax, swung multiple times can topple even the largest tree.

    "Resistance won’t be futile for us, either; it could be lifesaving." Not only lifesaving, but often exhilarating.

    Buckle in, my friends, and enjoy the ride.

    1. Roger, clearly you hang with a better crowd than do I! Living on this side of the divide, I concur - on this matter, you are blessed.

  2. I can't tell you how beneficial and appreciated your posts are: from your discussions on the philosophical underpinnings of natural law and its end toward Liberty; to the meaning crisis and your last post re: the lack of virtue (I agree and would say further need of another Great Awakening) being the primary root cause of the symptoms with which we now grapple; to your reviews of the various books you are currently reading; to your posts re: corona & the jab. To all of your efforts I say a hearty Thank You and God Bless!

  3. If it every comes in handy you can say that you are participating in the clinical trial but keep to yourself that you are the control group.

    1. I am never fast enough on my feet to think on the fly, but I will try to keep this in my hip pocket!


      More if you need them.

    3. " can say that you are participating in the clinical trial but keep to yourself that you are the control group."

      I like this quite a bit, but I think it will be interesting to see what reactions I get when telling people I'm in the control group. My version will go like this:

      "As a member of the control group in the ongoing clinical trials, it is vitality important that I not get the shot."

  4. Thank you for this welcome commentary on the so-called "vaccine." I worked in the pharma industry for many years and know that Emergency Use Authorizations have traditionally been given when a patient is either terminal or close to it. In other words, a hail Mary. Since the long-term effects of these experimental covid drugs are unknown, I agree that a wait-and-see attitude is the wisest choice. Peg

  5. I remember when all the lockdowns occurred, I reached out to 2 friends. One is a conservative, the other an anarchist. I started giving them data about the disease and described how bad the lockdowns were going to be for freedom and economics. I ended up getting into a debate with the conservative. He thought locking everybody was necessary and didn't care about the implications for freedom. The anarchist was silent and apathetic.

    So I am with you. I say little except to my brother and father. We more or less agree. I have a few friends at church who agree. But they all are getting the vaccine, except for 1 maybe 2.

    I won't get the vaccine for the same reasons you mention BM. I get the flu vaccine every year. I never have side effects. But I this "jab" is not a vaccine it is genetic engineering serum. It may be great. It may not be, but I am going to let other people prove it out. So far the results aren't good. Many if not most of the people I know who were jabbed had significant side effects. Probably the equivalent to a mid-level COVID-19 case. So in effect these people paid money to get the disease.

    In the case of my 80 year old uncle, it killed him in 2 days.

    But the government supports the CDC and the CDC wants to funnel business to pharmaceutical companies and these companies want to get PAID.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I have older relatives for whom I worry about the same thing.

      Any flu any year could kill them, but this covid nonsense is the first one that I can say has scared them to (the point of) death.

  6. This is the first post I've read that mentions an invariable feature of the "new normal". No longer, "How are you", but "Have you been vaccinated?" Sometimes I am tempted to ask the inquirer whether they have formal educational credentials equal to my own own. That would be a bit too ad hominem and arrogant even for me.I did learn something even in the modern university about critical reasoning, and from my faith about humility. So, sometimes I reply, "No, not yet vaccinated, but I want the full data so I can be an informed customer". To a bishop who was surprised at my negative response and who wanted to know what norms my parish priest was following, I answered, "Do you think, my Grace, that Fr. Christopher's moral compass is better calibrated than my own?" Thanks, again, Bionic, for helping me see how naked the king is. Strange times indeed.

  7. I find myself torn between let the fools and reprobates die, and realizing I have a Christian duty to tell the truth and be a part of at least a few being saved from a horrible fate. I have been able to influence immediate family and some friends. I hope I'm wrong but the specter of pathogenic priming/ADE is looming over the fools who willingly even joyously take the injection and the mask. I hope for God's mercy upon them.

    1. At some point, we depart and shake the dust from our feet.

  8. We are sinners, disinclined to confront sin. Or as Yossarian's friend kept telling him, "You have flies in your eyes. You can't see them because you have flies in your eyes."
    I keep hearing people talking about the stupidity of current policies. None of us are really eager to define what confronts us as being evil.
    The Bio-Attack on America (with the world as collateral damage)was coordinated between the US Dem-Oligarchs and the Chi-Com leadership. It wasn't stupidity or an accident. It was intentional. It was evil.
    Fauci's report to Trump, of an expected loss of millions of American lives wasn't stupidity or a scientific mistake. It was part of a fully conceived and evil plan.
    The lock-down in America, as first demonstrated by the Chinese, wasn't a brilliant and daring new method for dealing with a pandemic. It was an intentional tactic meant to negate the good Trump had done and to set the stage for his political demise. It never yielded to any reason other than a method of fear-inducing destruction.
    It was a successful play on Trump's well known germophobia, his proven desire to protect the American people, and his disinclination to admit being wrong. It didn't just happen. It was a key element in a great and evil plan.
    The Democrats unified cry of "No big deal!" at least until the disease had its claws deep into the populace, was not a failure of judgment. It was calculated.
    The coordinated insertion of infected seniors back into the nursing homes, exclusively by Democrat Governors, marching in lockstep, as only Communists and Democrats can, cannot be honestly dreamed to have been coincidental. It was evil. Like it or not there are people who are evil, like good and faithful Nazis, and who are only following orders.
    The CDC's timely change in forensic policy in March of last year, as to determining a cause of death being from Covid, if only the presence of the virus was suspected, was a radical shift from all previous policy which had always called for the cause of death, to be listed, as being the actual cause of death, was not done on a whim or clerical error. It magnified the death counts by a factor of 16 by some estimates. But again, none dare call it evil. At the same time, the standard testing procedures magnified positive results exponentially, and the definition of a "case" was expanded from one where actual symptoms were present, to include those who were symptom free but whose tests were "positive".

    1. These are all good points, evidence of acting with purpose and not mere happenstance or "science."

      I have called it evil, and not only regarding this current corona:

  9. The failure to acknowledge the most obvious nature of this disease, that it attacked the very old and those with acute co-morbidities, was not a bureaucratic slip of the tongue. It was an evil which excused sweeping the entire population under the control of an un-elected, unaccountable and autocratic dictatorship, while failing to address the needs of those most vulnerable. What is there about that that's anything but sheer evil?
    The claims disregarding the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycn, Zinc, Vitamin D and C, and Ivrmectin, or labeling them as dangerous, were enabled by the Oligarchy behind Big Pharm and their evil desire to reap trillions from vaccines, intended soon to be required world wide.
    This wasn't even a difficult disease to conquer, by prophylactic treatment before and early treatment after onset of actual symptoms. But Trump was all for it while the paid talking heads were willing to say, "This stuff will kill you!" Et tu, Neil Cavuto? You big, lovable teddy bear...
    Politics before health = evil.
    The summer of violent uprisings by Antifa and BLM, promoted and excused by all Democrats and their media friends and allies, was well planned and executed, as a training and proving ground for those cadres who would be useful in executing the more openly criminal elements of the electoral fraud to come in November. They promoted fear and hatred and despair. It was a unified and evil operation throughout.
    Hundreds of Democrat paid lawyers swarming the battleground states, bringing law suits before sympathetic Democrat judges, requiring a loosening of lawful standards, allowing the theft of an all important election. You guessed evil effing plan.
    None of these execises could have made any imaginable sense to pursue, unless it was known, absolutely, in advance, that the U.S Supreme Court was already in the bag. Or was the Left just trusting in their "good judgment"?
    What is evil?
    It's not Snidely Whiplash, tying beautiful young Nell to the train tracks.
    It's not some guy in a red Halloween costume, with horns and a tail...cackling like Kamala Harris(?).
    It's a reality we simply don't want to face.
    Because if we do, we can no longer shrug our shoulders at some manner of imagined and irredeemable stupidity.
    We become irrecoverably commissioned to do what is right and just and Godly. And we are enlisted in a fight to the death.

  10. I was in a call today with co-workers as we all work remotely now, our office being closed last year due to COVID.

    Two of the participants offered to help anyone who hadn't been shot yet to get the shot.

    Out of the 40 plus people I work with I have been the only one to express any reservations about the shots.

    All of the ones who have spoken are not taking the shot just to go along to get along, they are enthusiastic and demand to get the shot. One woman stayed up all night clicking the submit button on a government web site form to get an appointment.

    What will you do when your company demands you get the shot to keep your job?

    I see that as the handwriting on the wall, probably coming down in the fall. At that point I think I will have no choice but to resign.

    1. Don't resign. Force them to fire you. That's my plan. Then after I am fired for not being forced for taking part in a medical trial, I will have sufficient ammunition to sue them. Keep performance reviews outside of company assets so they can't say they fired you for "performance."

    2. "What will you do when your company demands you get the shot to keep your job?"

      I hope I will have the courage to resign and find a new job, but only time will tell.

  11. If anyone thinks this will stop at people "with special needs" they are truly delusional. They will eventually come for you or if not, make you a complete outcast and make life impossible for you.

  12. And if they can do that to women "with special needs" what's to stop them from doing it to the rest of us? Think about it.

  13. So many people in my life have taken the vaccine, and I am just utterly disappointed in them for buying the bullsh!t. Thankfully my wife is less willing than I to get it, and I sure as hell am not getting it, so we at least have our little island of sanity.

    1. I had someone recently say "I am scheduled for the Astra Zeneca shot today, so if you never hear from me again you will know why."

      They joke about it, even knowing the risks. These are people who have less risk of dying from covid than any other flu or similar illness.

  14. Watching this conversation unfold causes me to realize that I really am blessed, as mentioned above. To God be the glory. Amen. I could not have done this on my own.

    Events like this happening make me so glad I moved from Jacksonville, FL to a small town in western Montana. I would encourage anyone who lives in a large city to seriously consider making the same move--from high-density population to small, rural areas. In the coming years, the cities are going to burn and self-destruct, even more so than they are now. If you can, get out! Ten years too early is better than one day too late.

    And more. Regardless of where you live, stand up for yourself and yours. The prophet Elijah complained that he was the only man of God left in Israel, but God set him straight by telling him that there were 7000 (symbolic number, meaning many, probably too many to count) people in Israel who had not given in. Find those around you who are of the same mind and pool your resources to make a difference. Don't know any? Look for them. They are there.

    Last fall, I started a local group to combat the Covid Monster in this area and it is starting to grow. It is called Face of Freedom, a play on the mask thing, but there is no playing here. We are serious about our freedom. See the website: Feel free to contact me.

    On May 01, Face of Freedom will be holding a street demonstration in Missoula (a blue island in a sea of red), to DEMAND (no begging, no petitions, just straight-up demand) an end to the restrictions placed on the county by the local "health" department. On May 06 & 07, a lawsuit against the CHD by another group, Stand Up MT (, will be heard in court. There is a very good possibility that the CHD will be ordered to relinquish its evil grip.

    This is good news. If the court finds against the CHD, it will set a precedent for every other case like it all across Montana, thus limiting any other future decrees of similar nature. We are on the verge of Unmasking Missoula Now!

    How this will play out in the vaccine issue is unknown. Like ATL, both my wife and I are determined not to get it, so we may very well see our lives slowly strangled. Who knows? But, as the Apostle Paul said, "If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord."

    My heart breaks for everyone who has to live under this evil regimen. If this is you, then know that I am with you in Spirit and in Truth. May you be blessed richly as you call on the Name of the Lord for deliverance.

  15. Mandating vaccines is tricky business, even during
    a pandemic. There are various legal issues employers
    should be aware of before moving forward with any
    kind of mandatory vaccination policy.

    Some reasons for refusing a vaccine are protected
    under federal law. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
    of 1964 (Title VII)—which applies to employers
    with 15 or more employees—prohibits employment
    discrimination based on religion or a medical contra indication.
    Employees may refuse a vaccine due to sincerely held religious beliefs, or for legitimate medical reasons, such as pregnancy, severe adverse effects, or
    a life-threatening allergy to the vaccine. Whether the
    reason for refusal is religious or medical in nature,
    the result is the same: the employer would need to
    take steps to reasonably accommodate that employee,
    unless doing so would pose an undue hardship. Reasonable accommodation could mean exempting that
    employee from the vaccination requirement.

  16. For once I've read comments as intelligent as the anti-mRNA article. What a sane group of readers/responders here; thanks to all of you!