Saturday, November 7, 2020

Turning Up the Heat

Biden defeats Trump in an election he made about character of the nation and the President.

This CNN headline came to my email at just before noon Eastern today.

I happen to be visiting what I can describe as small-town America.  Small town, yes, but close enough to a major city to be left-leaning.  Shortly after I saw this headline, car horns started honking.  This continued on and off – I couldn’t see the street, but could hear the horns.

A couple of hours later, I was out for a walk.  Around the corner, a car with the driver honking the horn.  Leaning out of the passenger window, Biden signs.  The next honking car, an American flag – curious, because many Biden supporters hate America.  A problem for the left – they all know what they are against; no common view of what they are for. 

In any case, supposedly Trump has people working on challenges in many states.  I say “supposedly” because supposedly Barr was investigating the nonsense of the last four years and still has done nothing.  In other words, is there anyone with actual authority that will lead a broad group of bureaucrats who are willing to do a proper investigation of issues important to those who voted for Trump?  Does such a group even exist that is willing to be so led?

So, let’s see what comes of these challenges.  If they happen, and if a couple are successful – thus eliminating this Biden “win” – just watch the fireworks begin.

I sometimes wonder if Trump was allowed to win the first time just for the purpose of offering the opportunity to tear the country apart – call this Act One.  This Act could have continued well-enough with a Trump win in 2020.  There is one way to make it a much more explosive performance.

There are dozens of anomalies in this election, and there are many paths to a Trump victory if enough of the right people wish to make it so.  You have read all of this elsewhere; I need not go into the realities and possibilities here.  Of course, that enough people would want to make a Trump victory happen is a big “if” – but would it be any more of a miracle than Trump winning four years ago?  No, not really. 

Which comes to what might be playing out as Act Two.  Pretending a Biden win, then reversing the course would be a great Act Two if one wanted to turn up the heat. 

The next two months will be entertaining, albeit maybe not survivable.


  1. Two things come to mind when thinking about this.

    First, according to Cultural Marxism which the Democratic Party and their voters are adherents to, ALL of America is run by white supremacy. That means Joe Biden stands to be the most powerful white supremacist in the world in January. But these people celebrate in the streets in their WORSHIP. It's a bit mind bending to me all the logical contradictions people are willing to ignore in support of fighting a tribal war.

    Second, I listened to a podcast of Thaddeus Russell and Cody Wilson this week. Cody Wilson is a very interesting character. If you don't know who he is, look him up. But in the conversation he explains that the US government isn't really run by Presidents like Trump but by the career bureaucrats in Federal agencies. They do what they want basically. But they are aligned with people like Biden, the "center left". It will be interesting to see what they allow to happen in terms of Cultural Marxism and radical environmentalism. Stay tuned America. We may have to fight our way out of this situation. MAYBE.

    1. The logical contradictions are everywhere, and are irrelevant to the left and the media.

      American flags waved by Biden supporters - even had many on display at his "victory" convocation. The left supposedly hates this symbol.

    2. It's not racist or hateful or intolerant when they do (__X__).

      By electing their candidate, they have 'sanctified' the office of the presidency. The throne of white supremacist filth has been washed clean, baptized, and forgiven of its sins.

      It's like Christianity, but without Jesus, moral discipline, or traditional virtues.

      Corruptio Optimi Pessima

    3. ATL, this is quite right. The current chapter I am reading from Chesterton is entitled "The Paradoxes of Christianity." The monstrosity we are living through today only works one side of the various paradoxes.

      I will write on it soon.

  2. A few days before the election, a friend wrote me recommending, that whatever happens November 3, a national conversation should commence regarding the future of the USA. Sometimes divorce is preferable to living with a partner you loathe. And fifty percent of the American public hates the other half: "deplorables" they call (us). We do not share their values, nor do they ours. Some of us have suspicions that the election was rigged. And, if Trump had (will have) won, that judgment would be reciprocal. And far as I can judge, the fix was in a long time ago. I do not believe I am alone in lacking any confidence in the legitimacy of any future national elections. Do we have enough time to consider what might be our only peaceful option: secession?

    1. The right would love to have this conversation. The left (including many "republicans") is universalist; this conversation is not possible for them.

      The right prefers peaceful secession; the left prefers takeover via riots and war.

    2. Correct, I fear: the Left are evangelical globalists, neo-Trotskyites) in their aspirations. That one person dissents from agreement with their gospel (as Menken said about American puritans) simply adds to their personal hellish unhappiness, and drives them to war.

    3. They are universalists, just like Christians, because their moral code came from Christianity. The difference is they have distorted the virtues (by feeding them through the Satanic machine of the State) and lost faith in and love for God.

      Corruptio Optimi Pessima.

    4. If Trump is elected for a second term due to the pending legal proceedings, count on the major news agencies (as front men of the Neoliberal globalist and American deep state elite) declaring war on Trump and his supporters.

      Time for Tucker to abandon Fox.

  3. Your take on DaLimbraw Theory?
    Every coup - electoral, military or otherwise - must have the appearance of legitimacy.
    Transition Integrity Project anyone?
    In short, make sure you have all the bases covered - so Trump loses - no matter what happens in the election itself. Recall that the TIP scenario simulates a Trump electoral loss and his refusal to leave office.
    The constant pollster and media driven narrative predicted a Biden blowout - and if the election itself accomplished that - their legitimacy would be baked in.
    As Trump's election night leads extended into the late hours, Plan B to stuff the ballot boxes had to be implemented. Easy fix, because Plan B has been a Dem tool used whenever the need arose. Thus, the vote count would provide the appearance of legitimacy for Biden.
    Of course, the immediate follow through by all the usual suspects is intended to provide the appearance of legitimacy - President-elect Biden!
    Obviously, the perception of the average voter here is key - the dumber the better! For the perps!
    Now comes the real moment of truth - how far will will Trump & DaGOP take this? Also, what will the judges do - at all levels?
    DaLimbraw Theory - Trump will prevail.
    However, DaTIP gang has also achieved their air of legitimacy in the eyes of their constituents - BLM, Antifa, etc.
    Cities will burn.....until Trump shuts it down!
    And I'm sticking to it!
    God help us all!

    1. Crush, we have been so stuffed full of lies - not only in this election but on every meaningful event forever - that it would be nice to see some version of truth win for a change.

      If truth is to come out, it won't be via anyone at the DOJ or SCOTUS. It will be up to state legislators and state courts.