Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The True Face of Evil

The Dodgers won the World Series last night.  Two images will last.  First, Magic Johnson was in attendance – part owner and former basketball great.  Also, famously, tested positive for HIV almost 30 years ago – the ultimate co-morbidity, as we have been told.

Well, he didn’t anti-social distance, and he didn’t wear a mask.  Here, in this video, you see him surrounded by others – likely Dodger owners and executives – none of whom are wearing masks.

Then there is Justin Turner, Dodgers third baseman.  One of their real clutch hitters, he was pulled in the eighth inning, no explanation given.  Then we read this, regarding the Dodgers post-game, on-field, non-social-distancing celebration:

The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on Tuesday night, and in the moments after, the world learned that Justin Turner, the team's third baseman and pulse of the clubhouse, had contracted the coronavirus. Turner was asked to isolate. He did not abide. He strode onto the field, where his teammates were celebrating their 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6, and joined. He removed his mask to pose for pictures with his wife, whom he kissed.

If that isn’t enough, and still maskless:

He planted himself on the ground as the team gathered for a photo to commemorate the Dodgers' first championship in 32 years. To his right sat Dave Roberts, the Dodgers' manager, who 10 years ago was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. To Turner's left, gleaming, sat the World Series trophy.

Hodgkin lymphoma.

But you aren’t allowed to go to work, you aren’t allowed to get a haircut, you aren’t allowed to open your shop, you aren’t allowed to attend church.  And the few things left that you are allowed to do must be done with a mask at six feet.


They really should have stopped the game and cancelled the World Series with Turner’s positive test.  Then we could have gotten the riots started a week early.


  1. That story shows you what the "preferred" people really think. The hysteria is for "us" not them. I have friends and family who still feel the need to remind people on social media that #maskssavelives and that it is surging again!

    Of course multiple studies show in fact the opposite. Follow time series plots with mandates and lockdowns tagged along case and death curves. They ALL show NO correlation between human precaution and the spread of COVID.

    Gov. Abbott here in Texas has allowed mask mandates through the end of the year. BUT, he took a picture at the World Series with others with NO masks. Truly an evil, evil, politician.

    I think I might have heard why this is going on. Tom Woods interviewed Mark Crispin Miller on his podcast last week. Mark is a historian who focuses on propaganda. He is skeptical of any message coming from government or any large organization of any kind. He is also an avowed Leftist. Based on his research, he says that the CDC, WHO, and other large, government or NGO health organizations are basically run by large Pharmaceutical corporations. I believe this due to the revolving door and regulatory capture theories.

    So the CDC, WHO, and the governments they influence (state and local too) are preaching to the masses fear and hysteria. Why? Vaccines. Once vaccines are available the message with be we can open if you take the vaccine. Or at the very least people will be willing to take it, even without coercion because they have been propagandized to do so.

    It also explains Gov. Abbott here. He has long been known to be a crony and intertwined with big money interests.

    This is pure evil. Cronyism at its best. I am not an anti-vaxxer either. I get a flu shot every year. But this is just the worst kind of manipulation that I have ever heard of.

    1. RMB,

      I didn't realize you were a Texan! Yeah and I'm not too happy with Abbot. I'd much rather have Noem. It's really the insane local city governments that are imposing these mask mandates on people. Can't wait to leave the Houston area.

    2. Yeah. Texas ain't Texas anymore really.

    3. I know. It's sad. It's because of people like this.

      I took a trip out to the Hill Country a few weeks ago. That area is still very 'Texas'. Thank God.