Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Is This Why Trump Won?

There was no reason he should have won.  Had the democrats nominated anyone but Clinton (e.g. Bernie), the democrats would have won.  Never before had any candidate from a major party said so many politically incorrect things in such vulgar and crude ways…and not only survived, but won.

No more foreign wars, the Fed is bad, build a wall, etc., etc., etc.  of course, he did little or nothing on any such things, but how could such a platform win?

Fuel on the fire.  Is this why Trump was allowed to win?  Stoke the culture war, exaggerate the divide?  Ensure the extremes?

Just wondering.


  1. Just ask yourself the following questions: Would the lockdown and the destruction of the economy be allowed to happen under a Democratic President? Would the BLM riots be encouraged and the cities be allowed to be looted and burned down under same? Would the opportunity of obviously planned destruction of what is left of our economic and political freedom be countenanced if either Bernie or Hillary had been elected? Trump was the perfect Useful Idiot and he's played his part perfectly...was he in on the plot?

    1. Need you even ask? https://www.theburningplatform.com/2018/01/23/meet-president-swamp-the-rothschilds-personal-bitch/

  2. I think Trump was elected as an accident. I don't think it's what they intended. I think Clinton was supposed to get elected. The financial elite (Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Treasury, etc.) didn't crash the economy because they thought Clinton was going to get elected. It was only after Trump is coming up for re-election that they pin pricked the bubble by raising interest rates (after a decade of unprecedented manipulation of interest and credit expansion). But they had to come up with a way to avoid blame for the crash. Que the "Coronapocalypse".

    It makes DT look bad (or at least the media is trying desperately to accomplish this). It provides a safe cover for crashing the economy. And it does all this right before an election. This "Second Wave" nonsense is just so a) they could kill the 4th of July (remember they killed Easter too?), b) make the early re-opening (somewhat) freedom loving states look bad, and c) keep Biden in hiding and away from any debates with DT.

    But this all assumes that DT is some innocent outsider who is the victim of elite power politics, and only a simpleton would believe that. He in on the score in some way for sure. I kind of think he was supposed to drag the Republican party "down to his level" and win the Republican nomination but lose to Killary. At some point DT probably thought to himself, "Screw her (or them). I can win this thing."

    Even though he is in on it, I will still vote for him because of the persona he has created, which he must maintain, and because what other option is there? Our choices are DT or cultural suicide. I'd love to be wrong about this.

  3. I don't think Trump is a Democratic plant. I agree that his election was entirely accidental. The insane reaction by the DOJ, DOD, Pentagon and all Leftist journalist is a clear tell. They are all talk. CIA and news media have a very close relationship, revolving door type of stuff.

    The corona virus was just used as a tool to make Trump look bad so he won't be reelected. The chaotic government regulated healthcare system gives the opening for journalists to misreport data or use scary stories from anecdotes. Some of it can be ignorance and laziness. Some of it could be nefarious. I get in to it indirectly here: https://thecrosssectionrmb.blogspot.com/2020/06/think-through-all-levels.html .

  4. I have my doubts that DT can save us from cultural suicide, even if he is elected again, which is far from certain. Some would even assert that his election would mean cultural suicide.

    If Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in 2016, but Trump won instead by accident, then it seems to me that the string-pullers and controllers made a very bad mistake by misreading the mood of the country. If that is the case, then they haven't helped their cause at all in the last four years.

    If, however, Trump is in the game and won by design over Clinton, surprising everyone except Michael Moore, then these people are smarter than I thought and we're all screwed. I don't believe that, though, and think that he won in spite of the game rigged against him. By accident, in other words.

    What this means is that the "powers-that-be" are not infallible and will make more mistakes, piling them up in an increasingly rickety pile until the whole thing falls over in spite of their efforts to prop it up.

    The best thing we can do is to understand there is no saving the system. It's coming down and it is to our advantage to minimize the damage to ourselves as much as possible, preparing ourselves to start the rebuilding process again when the dust settles.

    1. "I have my doubts that DT can save us from cultural suicide..." I agree. In fact, if he is re-elected, I will suggest that we ain't seen nothin' yet.

      The issue will be, what comes after Trump. If / when these protests / riots come to the suburbs (or places like west Texas), all hell will break loose. Will we elect / demand our own Napoleon? Hitler (one closer to the real one)?

    2. "I have my doubts that DT can save us from cultural suicide"

      Oh me too! If Trump was a real force for good, he wouldn't be so beholden to the Israel and Saudi lobbies. He would have ended the wars he promised to. He would have stood tall against the Coronona stimulus programs and the lockdowns. He wouldn't have agreed to the massive spending bills. And much more.

      "think that he won in spite of the game "

      I think all the corporate media sponsored, deep state initiated, and pathetically desperate coup attempts against him pretty much make it clear he is not what they intended. TDS is real, and it's probably the biggest reason I will help (in a very very small way) get him re-elected.

      "best thing we can do is to understand there is no saving the system"

      I agree. Decent folks need to stop putting their faith in solutions from D.C. The best we can do is mitigate the speed of our future losses of liberty by electing "rogues" like DT. We need to start building networks and solutions at the local level. Some of you out there may already be doing this, and if so, please continue, and please offer me some tips and advice!

      I'm trying to convince my fellow Texans that we need to separate from the Union if we have any hope for liberty in Texas again. We need an independence party like UKIP (TIP?). One that will be a temporary coalition of independence advocates from all different perspectives. All conservative states need to start thinking about this, because if Texas leaves, the country may lurch further leftward in a hurry, and "fly-over country" will have little to no say in the matter.

      And even if Texas does regain its independence (which admittedly is still a long shot), the fight for liberty will have only just begun. There are plenty of entrenched anti-libertarian forces and demographics (both Left and Right) here to make uncertain even an independent Texas' hopes of freedom.

      But it would be one hell of a good start.

  5. Yes the nonrevolutionaries will choose a dictator to violently oppose the military.