Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Libertarian Movement?

“Socialist” left academics at the Jacobin and their libertarian right equivalents at the Cato Institute have the exact same views and rationalizations on questions of sexuality, family values, religion, immigration, drugs, globalism, crime and race.

This has been the point of the posts that I have written on the topic of libertarians and culture.  These are the social views crammed down the throats of most people and would never pass muster for the majority. 

Their consensus is highly unpopular even across racial lines in America and would never survive democratic scrutiny, but ordinary people are not allowed to participate in academia, non-profit foundations or media.

The working class has been abandoned by the democrats in favor of this agenda; conservatives were abandoned by the republicans long ago, with republicans silent (at best) on this agenda.

Libertarians?  Eric Striker identified the libertarian movement with the quote at the top of this post.  It is no different than the socialist movement for most Americans – and for conservative libertarians.


  1. Okay. Do you notice that the Marxist Eric Striker puts socialist in quotation marks, but not libertarian? Because he pretends that "ackshaully this isn't REAL socialism" but it IS real libertarianism, right? That's the lie he sells to the kiddies who come in contact with him through Fash the Nation.

    Striker claims that the Soviet Union would have worked if it had been run by Germans instead of Slavs. He claims that Israel's failed rocket launch, a private endeavor, proves that communism works but not private production. He claims that it's "da capitalists" who are behind immigration, "to lower wages" - always using the same graph of wages stagnating for the workers but not for the wealthy. Conveniently ignoring that the curve for the wealthy moves upward at the same pace as before immigration, not faster. And ignoring that in every single Western nation, it's socialist media, socialist teachers and professors, and socialist parties - Social Democrats and communists - who have pushed for and created mass immigration. But "Eric Striker" (not his real name) lies and says its' the Koch Brothers. (Hoping the teenage readers won't realize that other countries exist.)

    He praises the Soviet Union for not having mass immigration. (Where the people were already prisoners with no elections, so no immigrant voters were needed.) In short, he lies in the hope of turning alt-Right teenagers to Marxism, his real goal. In the end that is far more important to him than racialism. Which is shown by his support for the Jewish Bernard Sanders. "If only he'd stayed with his criticism of immigration from years ago!" Conveniently forgetting that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and others also criticized immigration in the past, because it was a way to get workers. "Eric Striker" ignores that because his goal is to turn teenagers to the Marxist.

    He also wants them to adopt an attitude where living on welfare is cool. "The Blacks do it and they seem happy." This is of course to excuse his own circumstances. It's not a failure, you see, but a revolutionary act.

    1. Great attack on Striker...and on comments he may or may not have made that I did not reference, therefore that are irrelevant to anything written here.

      He is correct on the comments that I referenced in this post. Stick to the subject at hand and don't let your emotions get the better of you.

  2. "left academics at the Jacobin and their libertarian right equivalents at the Cato Institute"

    This mention of right wing Jacobins reminds me of an author that I've been meaning to read. His name is Claes Ryn. He was in the Paleoconservative orbit when Rothbard made common cause with them in the early nineties.

    The specific book that comes to mind is called "The New Jacobinism: America as Revolutionary State".

    From the Amazon page:

    "Claes G. Ryn demonstrates that, although this ideology is often called “conservative” or “neoconservative,” it has more in common with the radical Jacobin ideology of the French Revolution of 1789. The French Jacobins selected France as savior of the world. The new Jacobins have anointed the United States. The author explains that the new Jacobinism manifests a precipitous decline of American civilization and that it poses a serious threat to traditional American constitutionalism and liberty. "

    1. The libertarians described by Striker have the same cultural desires as the Gramsci-socialists, yet the outcome can not be that which is desired by both - a socialist utopia or a libertarian utopia. Only one of these can be right.

      The socialists know that they are right, and I agree with them. The libertarians of this type - either are too stupid or are, in fact, socialists hiding their true purpose.