Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Mark of the Beast

Normally when I find a video or essay worth commenting on, I comment on it.  I won’t do that this time.  Jonathan Pageau has delivered the most insightful and succinct 22 minutes I have seen in a long time.  He is analyzing the speech given by Tim Cook of Apple at the ADL in December 2018.  If you are what used to pass for human, you will gag uncontrollably.

C.S. Lewis noted that we have already lived through the Abolition of Man.  After man’s conquest of nature, all that was left was for some men to conquest other men – with none of them being recognizable as human beings thereafter:

They are not men at all.  Stepping outside the Tao, they have stepped into the void.  Nor are their subjects necessarily unhappy men.  They are not men at all: they are artefacts.  Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of Man.


  1. I thought you didn't believe in Dispensational eschatology.

    1. RMB, you will have to be more specific on this point before I dive into a hornet's nest :-)) - what in Pageau's discussion on which I have made a statement are you referring to?

    2. His whole talk is about the formation of the world system described in Revelation. He describes it as a future system that will be ruled over by the Anti-Christ. Those are all dispensational doctrines based on a more literal interpretation of Revelation. Pageau discusses the 666 mark and being held outside the market system if you don't have the mark.

      Amillenials believe that has already happened or is already happening depending on the flavor. Usually they will say 666 refers to Nero or some other Roman emperor.

    3. RMB, I need not believe a dispensational doctrine to find value in Pageau's presentation.

      It is this post, I believe, that you are referencing. On the one hand, I think I was a bit sloppy in my presentation: for me, the costliest heresy is placing worship of the state of Israel and Zionism on a Christian pedestal, worship to the point of praising the death and of hundreds of thousands and creating millions of refugees.

      What is interesting - and I do not fully understand why this is so - is that the two (dispensation / Christian-Zionism) are intertwined (and understanding why isn't terribly important to me at the moment), in one set of founders: Darby and Scofield. It is for this reason that I treated both in one post, albeit - as mentioned - I find the Israel worship half of this marriage to be the costliest heresy.

      I will state clearly: I do not know, nor do I much think about, how to interpret the end-times passages (or those assumed to be about end-times) from the Bible. God has given me plenty of work to do without worrying about this, and I am already failing miserably at the tasks given to me that I can actually understand.

      But I do know that Christian worship of the modern state of Israel is heresy.

    4. Dear insect
      If God has given you the work to do, He obviously believes that you are capable of doing it. How are you failing miserably then? d
      I think you might be off the track in some cases, but then it could be me who is doing the failing. We both could be victims. My favorite quote from everything that Spock ever said to Kirk was, "Just because you don't understand me, doesn't mean I'm confused."
      That, applied to the Lord Christ's words answers a lot.
      As far as the "modern state of Israel" goes, that is just a big lie. The only true Israel is God's Holy body made up of His true christians. According to Christ, when one denies the Holy Spirit they are done. No forgiveness for that.

  2. I guess my question is what is of value to you in Pageau's presentation? Is it simply the commentary on Tim Cook, Apple, and the leftism of corporations these days?

    Pageau links his talk to the mark of the beast in Revelation, so I followed in that thinking how today's events are leading to the events described in Revelation.

    1. Yes to your first paragraph, and also I found interesting his application of Revelation.

      But for me to say more, I would want to write a full post and go line by line through his commentary - because in any brief response I give to your question, I will not do justice to my appreciation of his comments.

      Maybe I will do this.

    2. I will add: I can live with such an interpretation of Revelation (and other end-times scripture). The one I can't abide is the one that says the modern state of Israel must be worshiped and unconditionally supported.

  3. Bionic, I agree with you on the heretical worship of Israel by modern Christians, but I would add that this borders on idolatry, which can be defined as blind or excessive devotion to something. It is plain that many people are willfully blind and excessively devoted to the political State of Israel. In the eyes of too many Christians, Israel can do no wrong. This is idolatrous.

    One telltale sign of idolatry is the way people react when the object of their worship is attacked. Today, anyone who criticizes Israel's actions or its treatment of Gaza (for instance) is labeled anti-Semitic. The movement to boycott companies which do business with Israel (BDS) is condemned. Laws are proposed which seek to make participation in BDS illegal. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will not tolerate anything which might be critical of or antagonistic to Israel. To be sure, the ADL is of Jewish origin and promotes the Jewish agenda, but far too many Christians take its declarations to be gospel.

    See Judges 6:25-32 for a historical example of the way people respond when their idol is destroyed.