Thursday, October 10, 2019

It's Always Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt

Then it's just hilarious.

-          Bill Hicks

Daryl Morey sent, then deleted what is likely the most expensive tweet in history:

Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong

Why so expensive?  Morey is general manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets.  The NBA is big business in China.  Several NBA stars make big money in China.  Several NBA teams are currently in China playing exhibition games.

Suffice it to say, the government of China is not happy.  Sponsorships are being pulled, events are being cancelled, billboards are being taken down.  This could cost the league billions…unless the NBA bows low to the wishes of the communist government.

The poor NBA.  They have gone further than any other pro sports league in the US in allowing all employees – players and management – to speak out on social issues, politics, etc.

It seems “wokeness” is not something China wants to import from the United States.  The NBA has no good way out of this.  Maybe one: put a lid on players and management from commenting on social issues anywhere.  The players might go along, given how many hundreds of millions of dollars accrue to them via relationships in China.  That would really be funny.

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt.  Wokeness is funny when you are poking those who cannot fight back (hint: straight white Christian males). 

But watching this self-inflicted circus from hell really is hilarious.


  1. It is very concerning to me. This is an American corporation and American citizens accepting censorship from a foreign dictatorship. It is truly disgusting and shows how cowardly these people really are.

    I like basketball, but I will make a point of not watching the NBA or spending any money that can go their way.

    1. "We love China. We love the Chinese people."

      These are the words coming out of some of the players - as they want to protect their brand in this large market.

      You would never hear them say this about America. Which would be OK with me if they hated America for its empire and drug war and lying politicians and lying news media.

      But this isn't why they hate America. They hate America because not everyone is as woke as they are.

  2. I don't believe sports players have any business making comments on anything, period. They're there to play the game, nothing more. Geez, you don't go to someone's house for dinner and criticize how they run their household, do you?