Monday, September 3, 2018

A Few Thoughts

Different events, but related.

Make America Great Again

If I were to speak in such language, how would I define “great”?  I would say…Eliminate America’s role as global hegemon and primary elite tool for one-world, universal government.

While the wheels were already in motion, can you look at Trump’s actions and say anything other than “he is accomplishing this”?

Mid-Term Election

Let’s not speak of democrats and republicans; let’s instead speak of establishment globalists and MAGA (as defined above) supporters.

Why are the establishment globalists working hard to discredit the upcoming mid-term election?  You would think that if they expected to gain a majority in the House, and perhaps gain several seats in the Senate, they would trumpet the message that they have successfully implemented ways to ensure the Russians could no longer meddle.

Why discredit the election if you thought you would “win”?  I think to ask the question is to answer it.  Who knows, maybe they will claim that they purified the election systems a few days before the vote.  Also, maybe Trump will make public all the information necessary to make clear the crimes of the actors behind the scam known as Russiagate.

Different Actors, Same Story?

I just listened to an interesting Tom Woods podcast, on the latest situation in the Catholic Church: the homosexual-pedophile scandals, the response by the Pope and other apologists, and the potential ramifications. 

I will not do justice to the discussion by attempting to summarize it other than to say that it strikes me as a parallel play to the establishment globalists vs. MAGA supporters.  More than this: also the play to purposely destroy the moral authority of the Church – again for the purposes of the establishment globalists.


  1. "While the wheels were already in motion, can you look at Trump’s actions and say anything other than “he is accomplishing this”?"

    At the pace he is seemingly moving, even his cabinet members, neocons mostly, are outpacing him in the other direction. That is unless you are referring to the ongoing destruction of the economy.

    What I fear most is the economy crashing just in time for it to be "all Trump's fault" which would practically guarantee a far left replacement.

  2. I don't know how to define great either. But Trump has done two things that cannot be ignored by any future politician:

    1) Economic action, a president can make a difference. It is possible to have 4+ percent growth. That is something every future president will be held to, democrat or republican.

    2) Trump has unlocked the 'silent majority'. From now on it will become impossible to concentrate election strategies on only far-left talking points.

    That said, I am very curious about the mid-term elections. Very!

    1. On point 1, Trump is doing little more than riding the tidal wave of close to ten years of zero-percent interest rates.

      On point 2, I agree. And I think that the more hysterical the left gets, the greater the votes will be for a Trump-type candidate.