Friday, July 20, 2018

Peterson on Trump

Jordan Peterson gives a very nuanced view about Trump and America; the last US election; a realistic view of politics and politicians; the most important thing a president can do (which Trump has done): 

He has not embroiled the US in an additional stupid war….How do you gauge the success of any American president?  Not engaging in a stupid war is a nice start.

Peterson is not looking for reasonable discussion by politicians, but “reasonable stupidity” from politicians.  Truly incisive.

The one thing Peterson does not capture is the ramifications if the left doesn’t change its ways and the chaos and violence that will then ensue.  But I think he has been clear enough on this point elsewhere.

Spend six minutes watching this video.


  1. I am not big on this "normally incompetent" as that translates into larger and larger deficits and the same level of (Yeah right) and probably more international interventionism which cost more money and leads to more spending on the Warfare and Welfare states.

  2. He points out -correctly imo- that Trump is not a real conservative.
    What I wonder is this: could Trump be the most libertarian president the US has had?
    (Clearly he is not A libertarian, but he could be the most libertarian president)
    He has removed much red tape, he likes to push more responsibility to the states, negotiates from a position of 'lets get along and compete'.
    As I said, he is not a libertarian, but I could be fooled in thinking he may be the most libertarian president during my lifetime. (I don't know much about historical US presidents)

    I wonder, if the press were on his side (lol!) then how would his presidency be seen? (most effective POTUS ever?)


    2. Ah, I should have checked first :-)