Saturday, January 13, 2018


At the top of this page are several tabs; I have just updated the following:

Timeline to War (through 1938; beginning 1939)

This timeline offers specific dates / events leading up to World War II (although since I began this series I have gone beyond WWII for certain topics) – with the earliest entry in 1793 and the establishment of the East India Company through the last entry in 1975 with the end of the Vietnam War.

I have gleaned these dates and events from several of the history books that I have read – at this moment, the sources include 15 books; there are also several entries that link to websites.

This post offers my version of revisionist history.  I identify what I was “brought up to believe,” and offer a link to a post that debunks this belief.  Virtually all of the linked posts are bionic mosquito originals, a handful are of outside sources.  As of this moment, I have exploded something close to 100 of my childhood fairytales.

I begin by flushing out the idea of thin-libertarianism and continue to examine the connection of culture, custom, and tradition to a society that respects the non-aggression principle.

My writing on this topic has generated both the most valuable conversation and also the most frustrating conversation.  Certainly this has been my most satisfying intellectual journey (within the universe of this blog) – and it truly has been and remains a journey.  I have come a long way on some of the aspects of this topic; I might not like being reminded of some of my earliest thoughts!

This post identifies a) the books I have read that thereafter b) resulted in one or more blog posts.  Currently I am up to something over 50 books, with anywhere from one to a dozen blog posts on each.


  1. Looks like you are doing what your buddy (ha!) Gary North recommended to Dr. Block. Keeping your house in order so neighbors don’t think you are some filthy nudist.

  2. As for history, the lot of it now looks down upon DJ Trump to broker an historical break which does nothing less than rework the USA from a warmonger state akin to ancient Sparta into a peaceful productive state akin to ancient Athens.

    Trump understands that China and especially Russia must be cultivated as an ally if such an historical break is to have any chance of success. He understands all too well that the US military industrial complex seeks to cast Russia as an external enemy in order to preserve its trillion dollar budget. Trump appears to be trying to broker a deal under the following terms: 'Look we'll keep your trillion dollar 'defense' gravy train in place. You just have to agree to swap North Korea for Russia as your designated bogeyman / external threat.'

    If Trump can succeed with this strategy his presidency will mark the completion of the centuries long historical epoch of the imperial nation state, of which the United States was the terminal instance. It will be a new dawn for the world. The imperial nation state will at last give way to the private property society.

    1. Many years ago I was a subscriber to National Review. I saw its decline and quit my subscription after 12 years.

      Bionic, your series on Belloc's take of the Reformation, and a quick perusal of your body of work, reminds me of what was best of NR. And you are a one man show.

      Good show ole chap! Bloody good show.

  3. BM

    I appreciate this update.
    It is accessible to your great posts, and very helpful for me.

  4. U did not know where to put this. In case you have not read it.

    Trump Has Wrong Strategy on Iran
    by Michael S. Rozeff

    An excerpt:

    In 2004, Lind already recognized and understood that survival of a culture meant a change in U.S. strategy and thinking. “But as America learned on Sept. 11, a Fourth Generation world will be a place where our physical security will depend on our ability and willingness to isolate ourselves from certain forces.” There cannot be a market order without security of law and property; and the latter cannot occur if that order is undermined, which can happen in a number of ways.

    “What isolation means will vary from case to case, but in some situations it will require actions that appear harsh by current standards. For example, we may find it necessary to prohibit people from certain places from entering the U.S. We may need to profile on a variety of bases, including religious belief and ethnic origin.”

    “In general, isolation will mean minimizing contacts that involve flows of people, money, materials, and new primary loyalties, such as religions and ideologies, into the United States.”

    When an anarcho-capitalist theorist like Hans-Hermann Hoppe supports immigration restrictions, which is a state-imposed measure, there is an implicit recognition that the market order depends upon a culture of law and order that encompasses a broad region with borders.

    1. Jaime,

      "...there is an implicit recognition that the market order depends upon a culture of law and order that encompasses a broad region with borders."

      I agree with this, and I would go further both for Hoppe and myself, that the recognition is explicit. But what anarcho-capitalists like Hoppe and myself contend is that law and order can be provided in the absence of a territorial monopolist and the only borders we need are those designating the boundaries of private property.

  5. You must be doing something right (or wrong, depending on one's perspective) if you get a strong mention and endorsement by HHH:

    Way to go, BM, keep it up!

    1. I saw that. I am not sure that I ever had a bigger smile on my face (as BM)...maybe when Lew Rockwell published the first piece from bionic?

    2. Consider it a pat on the shoulder. From HHH, and by extension from many of us. And redouble your efforts, don't go sitting on any laurels. Smiles are okay. I smiled for you too.