Saturday, January 14, 2017

Impeachment in the Works

The following Headlines, from Google News:

Senate Intel panel to probe Trump team's ties to Russia, The Hill

Exposing The Man Behind The Curtain, The Huffington Post

Senate Panel To Investigate Russia Links, The Daily Beast

Senate intelligence committee to question Trump team on Russia links, The Guardian

Senate Intel chiefs promise investigation of Trump-Russia ties as House Democrats accuse FBI director of stonewalling, The Washington Post

Trump National Security Adviser Called Russian Envoy Day Before Sanctions Were Imposed, The New York Times


  1. Q: Would this be happening if Hillary Clinton had won the election?

    Remember, Podesta's emails leave a trail of Russian business dealings involving several key individuals.

  2. Didn't Bill Clinton receive a $500,000 speaking fee for one or two speeches in Moscow after Secretary of State Hillary approved a sale of American uranium to Russia?

  3. Maxine Waters couldn't wait four more days.

  4. They better hurry up and charge Trump first. Then they can impeach him later. Think Obama can arrest Trump? That will create some great humor. Of course if he did and Trump somehow survived I would be watching my back as Obama. Or maybe Obama can arrest both the to be President and Vice President leaving current House Speaker as the President. If Obama arrests Ryan then I guess Kerry would finally be President, assuming Putin lets him.