Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just Checking In

I am still here.  Obviously, I haven’t written much lately.

I have been very pre-occupied with several things at work.  I find when this is the case, it is difficult to focus on much else. 

When I have focused on something else, it has been the idea of how clearly and obviously the battle lines have been exposed thanks to Donald Trump’s run.  More accurately, I have been thinking about how blatantly and in-your-face the establishment continues to shovel lies of commission and omission at us.

They know by now that there are tens of millions of people who are not so stupid as to continuing to believe them; therefore, they demonstrate that they don’t even care if we believe them or not.  They also demonstrate the lengths to which they will go when threatened.

Win or lose for Trump, hell’s coming.  This awakening isn’t going to be shoved back in a bottle – at least not peacefully.

That’s what I am thinking about.


  1. It's almost like: Hillary walks onto a stage, pulls down her pantsuit and takes a huge steaming dump on camera, then waits to see if anybody notices. And nobody does.
    Bionic, buy a sailboat. Ocean capable.

    1. Capn

      Let me get this right. In your mind, my writing = seeing Hillary without pants on.

      Yet you comment here often, therefore it is safe to assume you visit here even more often.

      I believe your comment says much more about you than anything you intended toward me.

    2. Capn Mike is only reinforcing your point by stating that in the media faux-reality Hillary could do that and no one would notice it.

    3. I think you misunderstood the capn post. he was not criticizing you. He was agreeing with your point about the media. His description of what Hillary could do and still not be reported.

    4. Perhaps a scotch will settle me down.

      My apologies, Capn, if this is the case.

    5. @bm. Excellent short-term plan, my friend.

  2. Good to hear from you and agreed. Hell's coming, but for whom? There are many different ways that this can play out, and very few that end well (at least in the short term). It is interesting to watch the unraveling of the elitists and the opening of the eyes of many commoners.

  3. Glad you checked in. Will welcome your return to continue your focused observations. There is so much going on right now. The world is tipping.

  4. To me, an interesting topic is the following. Even the alternative media keeps using the term "Pay to Play". Did she? Didn't she? Is she responsible for "Pay to Play"?

    As far as I can tell there is no *crime* called Pay to Play. Heck, Pay to "Play" sounds sort of playful. No?

    What if, and why aren't even her enemies using the correct term, which is bribery and solicitations of bribery? Bribery is clearly a crime. Everyone understands bribery. Bribery is simple.

    Why does everyone speak of this less focused more ambiguous idea of "Pay to Play"?

    I absolutely do not understand why those who could spell it out as a clear case of the *crime* of bribery do not call it by its name.

    So far it seems to be only me asking this question.

  5. This reminds me of that metaphysical (or is it epistemological) question: "If a tree falls in the forest and no one witnesses this, did it make a sound?"

    This question could have been applied to events too uncomfortable for the controlled media to cover. Did such events really happened if the media refused to cover them? This question can also be applied in another way. Does the mainstream media really exist if no one is around to hear its proclamations?

    As the mainstream media's credibility crumbles toward zero, the latter may, happily, become the reality.

  6. "Win or lose for Trump, hell’s coming. This awakening isn’t going to be shoved back in a bottle – at least not peacefully."

    I agree with you. The question in my mind, is what version of 'hell' do we get?

    In other decaying empires "the people" seem able/willing to endure quite a bit before an actual violent revolution comes about. I think about bread lines in Russia for example-

    Although in fairness, Russia is very different culturally than the United States.

    The "remnant" as you refer to it at times, might have been more apt for such a revolution- but I don't think that represents most of American culture today.

    I might be able to argue that the American culture hadn't changed substantially under immigration until the emergence of the welfare state.

    For example, my great grandfather on my father's side came here not speaking English and with his wife either pregnant or having had just given birth(it's not clear) and immediately HAD to get a job when landing, which he did- as an assembly line worker for Packard motor circa 1914.

    He eventually paid for a small house in the Detroit area and raised my grandfather in it(who went on to become a Dentist).

    I view that as what used to be the American immigrant experience- people who came here to work hard and have a better chance of success than staying in whatever country they left. (Italy in this case)

    Since the rise of The New Deal & the Great Society, that experience- the "need" to get a job/be immediately productive for the immigrant has been mitigated. And, we can probably safely assume that many immigrants know this and probably don't have the same work ethic.(yet some still do come here to work hard, but the axiom of "when you subsidize something you get more of it applies)

    So all of that leads me to question what the average American today will endure in terms of economic misery before an actual violent revolution will occur. We've all heard how the welfare state helped to perpetuate a failed Roman state for years via "bread and circuses" to prevent such a violent revolution-it seems the cultural make up of Americans today might be amenable to sustained long term economic misery more so than the American of 100 years ago.(though I haven't studied the specifics in detail)

    I've always been fascinated with what actually motivates people en masse to respond violently to an oppressive government to the degree that creates revolution.

    I just want to be a distant observer if any such thing

    1. Americans may not respond violently to an oppressive government until the water starts to boil, but they will sure get violent if their welfare benefits are threatened.

      It's interesting that the American Revolution, which was followed by a long period of relative peace and prosperity, involved many years of fighting the British. Other subsequent revolutions, which were followed by war and all kinds of social upheaval, overthrew unpopular regimes very quickly. The French, Russian in 1917 and German in 1918 come to mind.

    2. "but they will sure get violent if their welfare benefits are threatened."

      Yes, I agree- but there are many facets to this notion that are unpredictable.

      How long can "monetization" go on? The welfare system and currency devaluation in Rome took a couple of hundred years.

      Maybe it all ends tomorrow, but what if it's sustained "hell" for another 100 years?

      I'm guessing it's money printing till the bitter end to stop the over 100 million "benefits" recipients from rioting...I just have no idea when the con game ends.

      Don't get me wrong, I've been in a place where I thought where the tidal wave of debt was going to drown us all fairly soon, but I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown now whenever we talk about an imminent reckoning.

      The US dollar has been ridiculously resilient to a catastrophic event. (I'm not denying the devaluation, I'm just saying everyone still uses it)

      Even further, contemplating a Japanese debt to GDP ratio of 230% compared to the US 106% suggests to me that "There is a great deal of ruin" possibly left.

      So I agree with BM's assessment, a significant % of people are "waking up" and hell is coming, but I'm not sure what form that takes at this time(or the timeframe).

    3. Bread lines. Bread and circus.

      How about EBT cards and government sponsored NFL, MLB, and NCAA events? I feel like we are literally living it right now. Am I wrong? What's the difference in food stamps and bread lines other than higher technology?

  7. It's really hard to tell what is at stake and who will have Hell to pay. It's easy to answer that it will be the tax-payer. No doubt. Trump is no outlier or outsider. He represents a different faction of the elite. But it's just a race. And in that race we get lots of "I will do this . . . ." Promises. Empty promises. The 2004 campaign had Kerry and Bush attacking each relentlessly. Why? They had so little policy differences. Even if the differences were huge, they're not going to openly discuss their business with anyone. The media lies about that--setting up false expectations of accountability. And we watch vigilantly, hoping to hear just the thing that resonates with what? Self-reliance? Johnny Appleseed? All of this is a construct, conjured by the media, reinforced by pundits, etc. Nation? What nation? Does anyone in their daily, productive lives concern themselves with "the nation"? So the election cycle is a highly-paid, tax-funded circus that fills social media, all TV channels. and all papers. If Trump is a threat and he makes it to the offal office, he could be some kind of purge of the 25-year old, Clinton crony DNC. Some Republican politicians might try to indict and send to jail Hillary Clinton. But in 30 years of watching these Merlins (going back to Arkansas, do you really think they're going to lose anything, anything at all?