Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Decentralization: Anathema to the Elite

Overall, Louis’s diplomacy and warfare with the Slavs in the decade after Verdun demonstrate his determination to reestablish the traditional Carolingian tributary lordship over the Slavs as well as the considerable obstacles to this policy.

Louis the German is grandson of Charlemagne and ruler of the eastern kingdom (and sometimes more, depending on his relative power and standing with his father, Louis the Pious).  To his east are the troublesome Slavs.

Apropos to this time of Brexit and consistent with my views of decentralization as against the desires of those who wish to control and exploit man (if nothing else, proving that I am quite capable of finding and focusing on only tidbits of information that support my previously established views…), I offer the following punchline to this desire of the aforementioned Louis:

By the ninth century, however, Slavic rulers posed serious challenges to the Franks.  Because the Slavs were divided among numerous princes and lords, Louis was forced to carry out diplomacy with scores of individual Slavic rulers.

“Take me to your leader” works easily in the consolidated Europe; not so easily if one must overcome 20 or 30 different leaders, or better yet 200 or 300.  It was true 1200 years ago; it is true today.

Brexit is not conducive toward furthering one-world government.  There are many working to reverse this, or to in any case turn this defeat into a victory.  However, all of history suggests that this is certainly a defeat for those whose desire is to centralize power.


  1. I don't picture the Elite putting up much of a fight against Brexit at this point, much of the fight seems to be inside the UK. If they do put up a fight, it calls the entire myth of Democracy into question, and they need to preserve the integrity of this myth. "Cut off the finger to save the hand".

    Should Brexit have a domino effect elsewhere, they only have so many fingers on this hand that can be cut off.

  2. Love the context enhancement, B.M..
    Re: Brexit, I was wondering about Farage's deserting the field. I Wiki'd him and found out he has survived numerous death threats and actual physical attacks. Seems like a good reason to me.

    1. It seems to be the strongest possibility - you don't dedicate your entire professional life to a cause, and then on the cusp of victory bow out without some reason higher (and on a different) value scale.

      And perhaps this explains Comey as well?