Monday, April 18, 2016

Open Borders and Culture: a Reading List

In response to a query, and to simplify this task in the future, I offer the following links to posts I have written on the topic of borders and culture.

A deep-dive into the history and roots of left-libertarian thinking, through the writing of a prominent advocate of this view, Kevin Carson.

It turns out that the left-libertarian desire to require “libertarian” to mean “libertine,” thus radically transforming culture, has something in common with Gramsci’s communist plan to transform society.  While the left-libertarians predict an outcome that conforms to the non-aggression principle, it is the communists who are realistic about the direction society will take when culture is destroyed.

Having been quite critical of “thick” libertarians of the left, I was challenged to take Hoppe on in the same manner.  I was glad I did; it was an eye-opening journey – as several of the following posts will demonstrate.

The subject of immigration examined through the lens of property rights.  A novel thought, one that more libertarians might consider.

A mosquito dares tread on the immigration battleground of two giants, Hoppe and Block.

It is easy to write about immigration in libertarian theory applied to a libertarian world.  It gets a little tougher to apply this libertarian theory in this world.  Jacob Hornberger asks: Are immigration controls a good thing?  I say, good?  Compared to what?

Who owns government property?  Can the state own land?  What does this have to do with immigration and culture?

Merkel gave open borders libertarians their biggest wet dream ever – a real life case study to see how their theory works out in the real world.  Let’s see how it’s going so far.

A generally accepted culture goes a long way toward reducing opportunities for conflict.  Culture evolving slowly and naturally, through voluntary associations, occurs daily and is generally harmless.  Culture changed dramatically, via war or other government pronouncements for example, is often quite destructive of social order; which then results in calls for someone to do something – by force. 

This might be why government works so hard to destroy culture.

As noted, Merkel gave libertarian open borders advocates a great opportunity to examine their theory being put into practice.  I have seen not one such advocate take advantage of this magnificent gift and write a case study using this example in defense of the position.  In this post I ask if anyone else has seen such an examination.

Sheldon Richman, a prominent left-libertarian, gets it right: libertarian borders are managed.

Noting that I had received hundreds of comments on my several posts on open borders and culture, my two most recent posts Libertarian Open Borders and Borders Neither Open or Closed: Richman Gets it Right, received almost no feedback. 

Why so little feedback on these two, after hundreds of comments previously?  I wonder….

I respond to a critique offered by one Paul Bonneau.  In it, I am criticized for views that are common to his – I don’t get it.  Further, other critiques are in response to things I have never written.  Still, you might find it a worthwhile read….

Imagine my surprise to find that the clash of cultures in Germany on New Year’s Eve resulted in calls for draconian police action.  Merkel’s open borders: just following the Saul Alinsky playbook.

My humble attempt at integrating the storyline from the novel The Camp into today’s real world.

Once again, imagine my surprise to find that open borders in Europe results in a political backlash, moving toward calls for even more authoritarian government measures.

Guess what (although it shouldn’t be a surprise)?  Murray Rothbard understands the value of culture in checking and reducing the power of the state!

As I introduce the post: “Merkel’s open borders pronouncement is the gift that keeps on giving in this libertarian debate about borders and immigration.”  It turns out you cannot have open borders without government intervention.


  1. And so, to cut to the chase, you support a government's control of its borders and immigration, "in this world" as you put it, or am I misunderstanding your various comments to date?

    Regards, onebornfree.
    Personal freedom consulting:

    1. There is either private property or there is government involvement in immigration. My point (one of many) is that "open borders" in this world cannot be had without "government control of its borders and immigration."

    2. "open borders" in this world cannot be had without "government control of its borders and immigration."

      I really don't see your point.

      Granted, we have governments, and we have borders,and we have governments _attempting_ to control their borders.

      But since government control does not/cannot work for _anything_, its/their attempted control of borders does not/cannot work either, as should be readily apparent.

      So who cares with a government has an "open" or closed border policy ?- numbers wise it makes virtually no difference either way, the "illegals" will keep on coming just as they have , regardless of what new immigration controls are attempted.

      Illegal immigration figures have not really changed significantly for decades, despite 1000's of added restrictions on immigration.

      "All" that any new law will accomplish will be to impose even more restrictions on US citizens, who as a result, will inevitably be required to produce even more "proof" that they are "legal" US citizens to government a$$holes.

      The whole immigration "debate" here [and elsewhere] appears to me to be a complete waste of time - a "storm in a teacup" :-)

      See: "The Immigration Scam" by Harry Browne:

      regards, onebornfree

    3. OBF, for all the years I have known you, I will say you are very consistent. You consistently tell us about how we are wasting our time - so why do you so consistently waste your time telling us this?

    4. "why do you so consistently waste your time telling us this?"

      If I'm posting here, then _obviously_ I don't believe I'm wasting my time , yes?

      1] because , underneath it all, you appear to have a good brain, despite your apparent infatuation with a silly [ time wasting] fantasy of waking the world up to your own personal version of "pure", or "correct" "libertarianism" [ or whatever you wish to call it]. :-)

      2] Your predictable evasions [eg your reply here] are always good for a laugh :-)

      An assertion:

      Assuming you personally want to live a freer life [disregard if not true]:

      The less time you devote to the unsolvable problems of whether a Rothbard, a Rockwell, a Wenzel, a Hoppe, a Block, a Mosquito or a whomever is the most consistent "libertarian", on _any_ issue, the more time you can devote to finding practical ways to increase _your_ freedom.

      The libertarian "movement" has always been chock full of "eggheads" who are prepared to sit around and debate "correct libertarian theory" [however defined] literally until the end of time, surely it does not need another one [you] to add to the pile? Trust me, those meaningless "egghead" debates will continue "for ever and ever, amen" without your presence - and you won't even be missed.

      Meanwhile , your own time on this planet is running down, and most likely you are less free today than you were last month, or last year.

      But don't take my word for it:

      "If, as it seems, we are in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities." Philip K. Dick

      Regards, onebornfree
      Personal Freedom Consulting

    5. Onebornfree. It isn't true that governments cannot control borders. They can if they want to. The problem is in the US and Europe the governments are holding open the borders against the wishes of their subjects.

      I have been to many countries where borders are controlled well and illegal immigration is virtually non-existent.

    6. Onebornfree,

      Your concern trolling is a waste of time unless it is some kind of self-promotion for your "Personal Freedom Consulting."

      Your argument is absolute garbage. The idea that the State could not control the movement of peoples if it wanted to is laughable.

      Why should I believe that you actually care whether BM or anyone else is more or less "free"?

      "But don't take my word for it:"

      No, take the word of a paranoid schizophrenic.

    7. OBF, what you have written convinces me that you don't even believe what you are writing - I am guessing that you have spent 2000 hours over the last half-dozen years (that I am aware of) writing the same thing.

    8. To both Matthew and Unhappy Conservative:

      So government actually works?

      If so, then why shouldn't it do absolutely _everything_?

      What planet are you both on?

      What other amazing government successes do you cheerlead/promote besides its/their, oh so successful immigration policies ?Roads? healthcare? Technology development? Environmental issues? What exactly? - I'm all ears :-)

      To BM: more evasion from "on high", I see:-)

      Why can't I get a simple, straight, "yes" or "no" answer from you on this issue?

      I'm sure others here would be interested in your clearly stated position [or maybe they all prefer to obfuscate just like you too :-)]

      So again I ask, [once more with feeling!] :

      under the current er, "system" as it stands, do you believe that the US government should try to further restrict immigration [via more laws etc.]?

      A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.

      Regards, onebornfree.

    9. Such difficult topics, to be reduced to a one word answer...never satisfying - even for the individual asking the question (other than gaining a false feeling of superiority and power, hiding other deep-seated personal issues, I have found).

      In this case, "no." Which really tells you nothing about my views on your question.

    10. Onebornfree,

      You don't seem to mind the government action of holding open the borders so why do you get to pretend like you are some sort of libertarian purist?

    11. BM: "In this case, "no." Which really tells you nothing about my views on your question."

      There there, that wasn't so hard now, was it? Was my question somehow inappropriate/unwarranted, or does it appear to be trick question? I'm all ears. "You don't seem to mind the government action of holding open the borders..."

      You presume [way ] too much, Matt.

      Since whatever government does does not actually work,for _anything_ including "border control" [as should be plain as day to any fairly observant, intelligent and reflective individual, hint, hint :-)], I don't care one way or another what borders policy it/they enforce, although I'm almost tempted to hope for _more_ closed border policies, as that would most likely have the opposite effect of the "intended" effect, i.e., cause an increase in illegal immigration.

      But all in all I really don't give a "rat's ass" one way or the other which policy is followed, for your information. It [government]is all a giant fraud in any case, as far as I'm concerned. :-)

      Regards, onebornfree.

    12. OBF,

      "Since whatever government does does not actually work,for _anything_"

      Apparently, it works at making you "less free." Or is that the consequence of it trying to make you "more free?"

  2. The German/EU open borders experience is not a true libertarian experiment. A true libertarian test of open borders would require that the environment into which the immigrants are moving also be libertarian in all manner, not a magnanimous social welfare state as is extant in most all the EU. Remove the magnet of generous government freebies and the flood of immigrants flowing across open borders would suddenly diminish to a trickle.

    1. Carlos, are you suggesting that it is not possible to have an open-borders libertarian policy in this world?

      Why didn't I think of that?

  3. BM,

    Thanks for posting all your articles on this subject in one place. I have been going through them, reading the ones I hadn't and re-reading the ones I had.

    The one article you have yet to write is Race and Immigration. This is really the heart of the issue, and this is what animates the left and the right. Also this is what Raspail's novel is about.

    You are correct that homogeneous "culture" reduces conflict, and the way you get that is through ethnic homogeneity. While America is a more complicated situation, who can doubt that a race war is looming in the future of Europe?

    The managerial class is clearly committed to there being no white countries. The supporters of "open-borders" are complicit in this and the blood is on their hands.