Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Every Road a Dead End

I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end.
I'm not sure how I got there.
-        Steven Wright

I have been thinking about writing something on the situation in Southeast Oregon.  I have been reading accounts of the situation as well as views of different writers (from the very broadly-defined libertarian world).  I have been trying to organize my thoughts: federal subsidies to farmers and ranchers on the one hand, encroachments by federal agents on the other (far larger) hand; struggling with why I feel as if there is something different (in principle and/or practice, I am not sure) in this situation than in the VW diesel situation (there is a connection, but this isn’t for today).

If you can’t tell by now, I do not feel ready to write anything of value.  Within the broadly-defined libertarian world I have read some very good things – the post by Justin Raimondo is (so far) at the top of this list; I have read some not-so-good things as well – this post at FEE (a re-post from Cato) is about bottom-of-the-barrel.

There are a couple of thoughts rumbling around in my head.  First and foremost, I pray no one resorts to violence.  The government actors can certainly just afford to wait.

The quote at the top of this post (as well as the title of the post) captures the second.  At the FEE post referenced above I found a comment that perfectly captured my thoughts (albeit with a minarchist bent) – fully formed by the author while I am still struggling to form a puff.

Michael Shurtleff [in response to the FEE/Cato author]

It all sounds very well and good from your point of view. What goes unsaid is everything that really matters. The situation is unacceptable in that the federal government has methodically eroded states rights and private property rights through fraud and bribery.

What are a People to do when the cards are stacked against them? Corruption in the courtroom, judicial misconduct, jury tampering, fraud upon the court, all these things I have witnessed via transcripts and personal appearances. When does it stop?

The ballot box is broken. The jury box is being tampered with. So now we have Americans who are at a loss for the "politically correct" alternative. When the group that runs the world owns the politicians and their legal teams where do the People turn?

I don't advocate violence, however civil disobedience is our strongest hand at this point. The People need unification and the silent majority, which is questionably present in America, need to stand up, speak up, and act out against this government encroachment of human rights. We have a right to transparent government, equitable justice, and private property as well as the right to keep and bear arms.

We have law that protects the right to representative government that doesn't manipulate the media to foster war on our neighbors yet our government violates that law by frauds such as the 14th amendment. Why don't you talk about that while your expounding on virtue?

The government refuses to hear our grievances in general so where do we go oh wise one?

From the opening paragraph: “What goes unsaid is everything that really matters.”  What a powerfully succinct line, well-defended via the remainder of the comment. 

“What goes unsaid is everything that really matters.”  This is always the case for allowable discourse; it is almost always the case at many think-tank pseudo-libertarian organizations.

I may have no reason to write anything else on this topic.  Michael Shurtleff has placed a high hurdle – I will have to come up with something both different than his comment and at least as meaningful.

In the meantime, pray that cool heads prevail on all sides.


  1. I'm in a similar mode to you on the topic- watching & thinking.

    One thought does come to mind to me though on reading your piece and reflecting, I have to paraphrase Dr. Walter Block on it as I can' recall the exact quote:

    "Once everything is privately owned things will be better", or something akin.

    1. Nick, I have had a similar thought and will add one more: things would be better if the NAP was applied to all (badge or no).

  2. it is true the govt actors can afford to wait. with this in mind, we shall see if the federal actors want to end the standoff peacefully followed by actually listening to the complaints producing the standoff, or if the federal actors want to 'make examples' of those involved, as was done at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    my bet would be on the 'make examples' scenario. the first step in this scenario has already been taken by labeling those involved as 'terrorists'.

    1. Sadly, the odds are in favor of just such an outcome.

  3. How about looking at how this has all evolved, how we've gotten to the point where our common law based system has been subsumed and consumed by the statutes and codes of contract and commerce? How is it we've become chattel to serve the corporate interests and their owners?
    The US defines itself as a corporation and as such, is bound by contractual law and public policy as its basis rather than on individual rights and justice.
    If you choose to look into the matter, I think much of what is unresolved in your mind right now may become a bit clearer.
    Rest assured, you're not going to like what you find.

  4. I'm bothered by the timing, considering the executive orders coming from the throne.

    Like I've commented elsewhere, this is the sort of thing that Leviathan loves (for all we know in this instance, encourages too), and can put to great use.

  5. I live about 100 miles due east of Malheur County preserve....
    (what ever the hell that means).... preserved for who?

    I digress

    Have rode all over this country chasing wild cattle, and horses.
    Spent a lot of time with these type of people at
    horse sales,cattle auctions and so forth.

    While it is very,very true! That they have been. And are being forced,sold out, and betrayed by their own politicians all over Idaho,Nevada and Oregon.

    They have no Idea of how they are just as benefit corrupted
    as the food stamps given to the girl at the check out line at

    Or even the so called constitutionalist types that are around
    me. Really don't understand how the game is worked with the Federal Reserve, and banking.The Hegeleian perversity
    that the people on this. And Lew's sites would understand

    Not that their hicks.Quite contrary.

    But the evil, multi faceted,diabolical Wilderness of Mirrors.Is about details. Only reading history, and of its consequences does
    the riddle ,and the enigma start to reveal themselves.

    My point is that if you don't at least try to educate yourself
    before you start on a journey. Whats the point?

    They, and all there kids that used to have rugged individualism
    have all been re-educated into taking the kings spoils, and lulled into
    carnal security.

    I could go on and on,but to type and make articulate reading
    is not my talent.As you can see.

    But this Bundy thing smells like a cattle truck a 1/4 mile up the rode
    from my pickup.

    These guys are looking for their 15 minutes, and have so far
    undone all the good they may have presumably done
    a couple of years ago?

    Fine line between stupidity, and courage if you ask me.

    Lets grab the popcorn, and watch the show...or blood bath.

    1. "Keep your government hands off of my Medicare."

      If the Dept of Agriculture ended all subsidies, you are suggesting that many of these same individuals would take over the county Ag office.

      I don't doubt it.

    2. Owyhee Cowboy, I've been meaning to ask if you were from Owyhee County area. I grew up just over the Snake River on the Canyon County side right by Homedale. My brothers and I used to hunt deer And chucker in the Owyhee mountains, ride our horses there chasing the wild horses, ducks and pheasant in the valley...all when we were fairly young and still living at home. One of my brothers and I were just talking yesterday about the Owyhee sheriff who arrested those 2 BLM officers for carrying guns in the (his) county. That was 20 years ago or more. Wonder how the current sheriff is.
      This is a tough situation, most all of these folks are good people. "Americans" in the traditional sense. I know a lot of them have taken subsidies, but I also have friends who's insurance company dropped them because they refused to apply for subsidies. No one will cover them. The law says they have to have insurance. What to do? Give up the family farms that's been in the family for 100 years? The cards are stacked against the farmers and ranchers. The ones I know are peaceful enough, and just want to be left alone. The State wants them off the land.
      BM, I have had a hard time with this too, just knowing many of them(not the Burns folks). Don't we preach that a individual has the right of self defense? Don't we go on about the State being a gang of thieves? Even if the ideology of these folks isn't perfect, and they don't know libertarianism, and they don't think about how ironic it is to fly the flag of the very government oppressing them, even if they aren't against "the State", haven't read Rothbard, what if they do take subsidies and government grants... The State is stealing from these people and are Subjecting them to slavery,i.e. jail. I think they have the right to defend themselves, and their neighbors, if that is what they choose to do. I can't condemn them.
      I pray for calm heads, and a peaceful resolution. I just don't see how that can happen now though, the Master has got to put his slaves into submission, less all the other slaves see it and revolt too.

    3. Exactly!!!

      They will decry the disgust of government intervention in there lives in the overt scene, but don't realize the
      way more pervasive covert ways that they have all ready taken the 30 pieces of silver, and have been conditioned to servitude.

      Low interest vehicle loans,Irrigation pivots,water land
      concessions and on and on.

      They sit around and talk about the cattle market, or the cost of what ever. Like there living in some free market society.

      It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

      When you try and explain, and give them books like
      "The Creature from Jekyll Island"and simple articles that shed light on magnitude of the true manipulation of the economy,
      or just history itself.

      The cognitive dissidence rears its ugly head.
      And goodbye baby!!!!!

      I gave up along time ago, unless the spirit gives prompting

    4. Grave yard Point south of Homedale Joshua.
      My comments are not meant to be all-inclusive.
      I should have sated that to begin with. Apologize
      for not doing so.I agree with your sediments.

      There are no better, and tougher people than live here in the I.O.N. (corner of Idaho,Nevada,Oregon.)

      I remember as a kid coming over the bridge into Owyhee
      and it was like turning back the clock 75 years.
      You could, and did most every thing you wanted.

      It was really western here.

      Tim Nettleton was a real County Sheriff who understood the true rights of citizens.

      Tim was the kind of guy that would make the game
      checks set up on the other side of the river.(4th amend)

      Take you home from a dance if you were to drunk to drive

      My buddy tales the story of how he and his teenage brother took his dads old B.A.R.(Full auto) that he kept after ww2 and welded it on a old 57 chevy p.u for bunny hunting rig.

      As there heading out Tim comes down the road and
      turns around and pulls them over and asks them

      "What the @#!* is that."laughing of course.

      "Get that thing of off the road because the state police are fifteen minutes behind me ,and won't be able to help you.

      Owyhee County just appointed a first time ever
      building inspector.

      To my disgust!!!!!

      Damn Californians moving here is a big problem through
      out the state.

      The sherrif now is a little to compliant to
      Powers that Be for my comfort.(Perry Grant) Not aTim!

      I try and remind them. But it don't look good
      for future.

      We have these young BLM punk bitches driving
      around with stun guns and 40s on other side
      thinking there bad asses now.

      I ask them "Are the Rabbits and deer that dangerous"
      sarcastically of course.

      I hate the SOBs and give them and the forest service
      ones as possible.

      There just like the Gestapo or Stasi to me.

  6. "Is the Oregon Militia Standoff Another Psyop?":


    Regards, onebornfree

    1. Good piece! Very plausible