Monday, November 16, 2015


Is it any surprise that people on the fringe look for rational explanations for what appears to be irrational behavior (i.e. “conspiracy theories”) on the part of government and military officials?

Intensifying pressure on the Islamic State, United States warplanes for the first time attacked hundreds of trucks on Monday that the extremist group has been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria, American officials said.

For the first time?!?!?!

American officials have long been frustrated by ability of ISIS to generate tens of million[s] of dollars a month by producing and exporting oil.

For the first time?!?!?! 

How many years has the US been bombing Syria?  Which so-called allies have been benefitting from the low-cost oil, therefore delaying action?  Rational people might wonder.

They have an excuse for the lack of earlier action:

Until Monday, the United States had refrained from striking the fleet used to transport oil, believed to include more than 1,000 tanker trucks, because of concerns about causing civilian casualties.

But what about the civilian casualties in a hospital?  No concern there.  A wedding?  Nope, no problem.

In any case, weren’t these guys bright enough to find a way of warning the drivers and destroying the trucks? 

To reduce the risk of harming civilians, two F-15 warplanes dropped leaflets about an hour before the attack warning drivers to abandon their vehicles, and strafing runs were conducted to reinforce the message.

They couldn’t have done this a year or two ago?

The area where the trucks assemble in Syria has been closely monitored by reconnaissance drones. As many as 1,000 trucks have been observed there, waiting to receive their cargo of illicit oil.

On Monday, 295 trucks were in the area, and more than a third of them were destroyed, United States officials said.

…116 tanker trucks had been destroyed.

One-thousand observed trucks, only 116 destroyed.  How many of you remember the Highway of Death at the end of the first Gulf War? 

Between 1,400 and 2,000 vehicles were hit or abandoned on the main Highway 80 north of Al Jahra (the "actual" Highway of Death). Several hundred more littered the lesser known Highway 8 to the major southern Iraq military stronghold of Basra.

The offensive action for which Highway 80 is infamous became controversial with some commentators alleging disproportionate use of force, saying that the Iraqi forces were retreating from Kuwait in compliance with the original UN Resolution 660 of August 2, 1990; and the column allegedly included Kuwaiti hostages and civilian refugees.

When they want to destroy trucks, they know how to destroy trucks.

You would have to wear a tin foil hat to take these stories at face value.  As is the case with virtually every tale told and every action taken by government officials, something doesn’t make sense.

Or it makes perfect sense.  Which story comports better with the reality, versions of the fairy tales like the one told above or the following? 

·        The United States and its allies have created, fed, and nurtured this beast now known as ISIS.
·        The US and its allies have pretended to fight ISIS, all the while fighting Assad’s forces with the objective of taking down the current Syrian government.
·        Russia enters the fight against ISIS and starts making serious headway, raising many unavoidable questions among western allies of the US.
·        ISIS (according to the official narrative) conducts a coordinated attack in a major western city.
·        As the bloodshed has been brought home, western allies decide this isn’t patty cake; they demand that the US gets serious.
·        Oil trucks get bombed.

That’s my working theory.  I readily admit it isn’t fully flushed out; it is still the early stages of this episode.

Break out the tin foil hat.


  1. "As is the case with virtually every tale told and every action taken by government officials, something doesn’t make sense."

    the only thing i would change in your entire article is to remove the word VIRTUALLY from the above sentence.

  2. I was one of the first to the Highway of Death. If we wanted 1000 trucks destroyed, they would have been destroyed. The 20mm cannons from our aircraft would make short work of these soft skinned vehicles.

  3. Interesting points. Taking out the trucks is the logical move, and as you say, is a lot more sane than bombing weddings.

  4. At certain points in my life, I have been privy to government information above Top Secret. Armed with that knowledge, I have discovered that EVERY single thing the U.S. Government has stated regarding those areas has been a big fat lie.

    1. Capn Mike (and to Kirk above): I can think of one truth, when Bush said "Mission Accomplished." As it was the neocons' mission to turn the Middle East into total hell, he was telling the truth!

    2. Care to elaborate? Maybe bionic mosquito could let you write some guests posts on these things? Or will you be carted off to the gulags if you reveal anything?

    3. Something like that. Once you're in, you're IN.

  5. Notice how that as soon as the Russians began exposing EVERYTHING the US had lied about up to the present that the UN, US and EU began earnestly clamoring for "negotiations" with Syria (still demanding Assads removal) and protecting their precious jihadi lunatics from Russian missiles and bullets. At the same time they blow up hospitals elsewhere. This stuff you simply can't make up. It's clearly too crazy and insane... ergo it must be the truth. It's when the monster that the US created bites the hands that fed it that they do something and still they lie and obfuscate the picture

    1. Spot on....but why?? What is the bigger picture?

      Thats the cheese. They need Syria and Assad out
      of the way.

      Than watch out Iran!! Because your going to violate something,
      purportedly to threaten the western civilization, and than
      big Daddy Americans are coming to save us from you taking Grandma,Apple pie and baseball.

      Mark my words!!!

    2. Have you read the eye witness accounts of the French P.R. bombing in Syria today?
      All sound and fury signifying nothing.
      However, the Russkies seem to be kicking some serious Arabic ass.

    3. The Anglo American Globalist have lost this hand.

      Its so funny to watch Putin take there own game and turn it on them.

      "Need some help with fighting those pesky ISIS fellows?"

      "We will be glad to help!!!"

    4. Late note:Received my World Affairs Brief yesterday.
      Guess who was giving the French their bombing intelligence

    5. I will guess, but don't know: the Russians.

      Apparently Hollande is reaching out to Putin from what I have heard / read elsewhere. This event in Paris may be a big assist in breaking US hegemony.

    6. Quoted from World Affairs Brief/Joel Skousen with Post link:

      For What Purpose? Why would the globalists do another false flag attack on Europe? Wasn’t 9/11 enough to keep the world in this eternal war on terror? Apparently not. The public was beginning to become very weary of all this costly intervention. Besides, 9/11 was America’s war on terror, and EU citizens were content to let the US handle the load and the expense. But this week, the compliant media was airing a new tune: “Syria's civil war now Europe's war after Paris attacks... with no easy end in sight” blared the AP headline.

      So, that was one reason—to draw Europe and NATO into the war in Syria. Keep in mind, however, that the US doesn’t want them really attacking ISIS, only Syrian infrastructure. Yes, I know the French are moving an aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean and the day after the Paris attacks, they launched airstrikes against ISIS. But if you read the fine print, they got all their targeting information from the US, so their attacks will be ineffective.

      The French statement said the operation, launched from bases in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, was conducted in coordination with the U.S. military command, which has compiled an extensive target list in Raqqa.

      The US may have their carefully crafted target list in Raqqa, the supposed headquarters of ISIS, but Russia has their own target list and this week Russia hit Raqqa with cruise missiles hours after saying a bomb blew up the passenger jet in Egypt. Putin is letting ISIS know that two can play this revenge game.

    7. Washington Post Link

    8. Liked this one too:

    9. Thank you for the links. Let's see what comes next.

    10. I believe cowboy is correct that Syria is just a stepping stone to Iran.

      I also believe Iran is a stepping stone to the former USSR and its natural resources.

    11. This was Mackinder's view over 100 years ago; it is interesting how well the history of the last 100 years fits his vision.

  6. I see the origin of ISIS differently. Who remembers just before the Iraq Surge the US was doing badly against the Iraqi's and did a deal with the Sunni's, who were the ruling class and the intelligentsia to help the US against the Shia masses. The Sunni alliance was born.

    ISIS is about creating a Sunni Caliphate to try to redress the 1921 British/French carving up of the old Mesopotamia, out of the Ottoman Empire.

    The US obviously sees some advantage to a Sunni Caliphate. The old Middle East lines have failed and are up for grabs.

    Nobody foresaw that Oil is "over" and that the Middle East is now all about the New Silk Road and of absolutely vital importance to Russia and China. France, US, NATO, are playing in a failed Middle Eastern game.

  7. Tasty piece,take the rest of the week off with pay!!!

    How about those Toyota trucks .Or the victory parade a couple of months ago?

    Here is a old story that I thought was good too?:

  8. The US government dropped those leaflets to make sure that Islamic State militants did not get killed. Nothing to do with protecting civilians at all.

  9. I'm just wondering. Where did ISIS find 1,000 oil tanker trucks in a chaotic, war torn region? I would think that even a rich American oil company would be challenged to assemble a 1,000 truck convoy.

  10. Interesting how war never stays "limited" but inclines toward the complete barbarism of total war.

    I mean, how can you just _destroy_ trucks? And oil? Aren't they useful goods? Haven't they been produced by peaceful labor for the enjoyment of the world's consumers? Why not seize both and sell them on the market for profit?

    Even that self-evident idea of plundering the "enemy" does not occur to the state. The enemy must apparently be annihilated absolutely.