Sunday, September 13, 2015

12,200 = 800,000

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Germany said it was ready to take in 800,000 migrants?  We were presented with pictures of Germans in football stadiums with large banners (written in English and not German or Arabic, for some reason) proclaiming this desire.

Germany announced on Sunday that it was invoking emergency powers to start protecting its borders, seemingly reaching a point of overload after greeting with open arms tens of thousands of migrants pouring into Europe, and urging other European nations to do the same.

A total of 12,200 migrants came to Munich on Saturday, according to the German police….

It remains unexplained how and why this “crisis” of many years suddenly has burst into international prominence.  But this sudden about-face only raises more questions.

I make no value statement nor pass judgement on any of this.  For the moment, I offer no interpretation of the events beyond anything I have written previously.  I just find it worthy of note.

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