Monday, July 6, 2015

And the Winner is…

So Greece voters have said no.  It isn’t clear what will come next; in fact, whatever path the voters took would lead to an unknown.

But there is a sure winner in all of this.

If you wanted to break the burden of funding others, but didn’t want to get “blamed” for cutting the purse strings, what would you do?  If you carried the public burden of several times before shattering the peace and didn’t want to be blamed again, how would you approach the situation?

“Play by the rules,” you would insist.  “A deal is a deal.”

The winner?  Say Germany wants out – wouldn’t you do exactly what the German politicians and technocrats have been doing?

Some say Merkel has egg on her face.  I am not so sure.


  1. "Br'er Fox! Don't throw me in dat briar patch!!"

  2. International leftists in Germany are screaming at Merkel and wailing about how ghastly unfair she's being to the poor, poor Greek children. (The deadbeats with a sense of entitlement to cheap loans.) See, for example, the front page of today's WSJ.

    It's not hard to see the implications for German politics. It foreshadows a return to the chaos fomented in Germany in the 1920s by leftists such as those who foisted upon the world the vile Weimar republic. That glorious social democracy made Hitlersozialismus more likely by concentrating power in Berlin and providing a president who would, unlike a self-respecting kaiser, be willing to appoint a petulant, anticapitalistic corporal as chancellor.

    Should international leftists cause her or her successors so much trouble that German politics returns to incoherence, there will be an opening for nationalistic leftists and their competing "Arbeiter" parties. In the meantime, I would expect that the rabidity of German internationalists is already dividing their own base of support over issues such as Greece and Islamic despotism such that nationalistic leftists are gaining traction in the beer halls.

    Leftists. All so vile.

    1. As you use the terms, does the genus “international leftist” include the species “communism” and the genus “nationalistic leftist” include the species “fascist”?