Sunday, March 22, 2015

Daniel McAdams at The Daily Bell

Today’s DB interview is with Daniel McAdams, from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.  The interview offers a valuable reminder that war is the issue for all individuals concerned with libertarian, liberal, and free-market (e.g. Austrian) ideas.

I offer only a couple of quotes from the interview:

I view [the Institute’s] number one priority to be fighting war propaganda. Calling out the lies of the neocons and a lapdog mainstream media that walks lock-step with the US regime, regardless of which party is in power.

I am not aware of many organizations that do this regularly and continuously, as a matter of principle (of course, LRC and the Mises Institute come to mind).  Speaking out against war is an end unto itself, the single-most important work that can be done by those concerned with liberty and freedom.

[The Institute] hope[s] to expand our outreach this coming year to include small seminars, conferences, and eventually a foreign policy summer school modeled on the Mises Institute's summer program in Austrian economics.

I applaud this effort; in addition to the summer program in Austrian economics at the Mises Institute, it seems to me that there is a need for two other such programs – the one mentioned by McAdams regarding foreign policy and another on revisionist history regarding war.  I guess these latter two may be combined, as understanding the lies of wars past offers a good foundation for developing sound foreign policy today.

Read the interview; support all voices against aggressive war.


  1. Yes, support ALL VOICES against aggressive war - NOT just unjust wars fought by the US Empire. Daniel McAdams should be honest and correctly say: I view [the Institute’s] number one priority to be fighting war propaganda only conducted by the US regime and I don't give a damn about wars conducted by other regimes - and even defend them if that serves my purpose of bashing the US regime.

    Then at least I would respect him. But you know my stance anyway...

    1. Norbert

      I will offer the following:

      (This was also posted at LRC)

      First read the initial article, linked in the opening paragraph. Also, the comments in both posts for the most part are valuable contributions to the dialogue.

      Keep in mind these were written a year ago, the situation specifically in Ukraine is somewhat different today.

      If you like, after you have read these, I will gladly continue a dialogue with you on this subject. I only offer the link as it captures some of my thinking on this.

    2. You're not one of those delusional people that think Russia is waging war against everyone and the Ukrainian government is filled with sweet innocent angels, are you?

  2. I agree; since the Tucker Diaspora, LvMI has retreated toward offering youth programs that deal primarily with economics as opposed to more hard-core libertarian issues. Look at the Mises U schedule from say 2009 versus just this past year's.

    I'd suggest perhaps a history/sociology/legal seminar moderated by Tom Woods.