Sunday, February 15, 2015

Moving in the Right Direction

Today’s Daily Bell interview is of James Jaeger.  I have posted the following comment at the site – posting there has become a very rare occurrence for me; it is only my second comment in the last year or two (the first was a comment to Wendy McElroy as an encouragement).


JJ: To shed some light on these questions I have been reading some books by Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, Larken Rose and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. I'm not ready to become a card-carrying anarcho-capitalist, but if the Rights we are all supposed to have pursuant to the Bill don't soon materialize, this is not a good omen.

BM: The joy I felt when reading these words….

I know of Mr. Jaeger and his views primarily through the several interviews he has done here at DB.  He was, in years past, a card-carrying “reform the system” type.  As he has now moved into considering the likes of Rockwell and Hoppe, I am already eagerly awaiting his next interview here at DB where we will read of his complete transformation to a card-carrying anarcho-capitalist.  Consistent thinking can only lead to this conclusion.

JJ: As far as I'm concerned, when we abolish the Fed, we need to abolish all insurance companies as well.…But you MUST get rid of the insurance companies because they are parasitic middlemen that absolutely destroy free markets as much as fiat currency and endless regulations.

BM: As a wonderful example of Mr. Jaeger’s evolutionary thinking, I recall a time when he vociferously advocated a “manage-the-Fed” plan of a fixed, 4% inflation mandate.  What a refreshing change.

As to insurance companies, I would not so quickly dismiss these.  Between insurance companies and some form of homeowners associations, virtually all aspects of what we today call “government” can be dealt with via the market – including the possibility for each individual to NOT participate in one or both arenas.

Finally, my vote for Mr. Jaeger’s next project: HOME SCHOOLED - Why Government and Corporate Schools Fail.

Two pillars of the current state must be broken – frankly if either one is discredited the other will also crumble: central banking and government funding (and control) of education.  I will humbly offer, however, a change in focus: I don’t care why government schools fail; teach why and how homeschools work and how homeschooling is the one effort that can both avoid the brainwashing and best properly educate the next generation.

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  1. Larken Rose's The Most Dangerous Superstition is also very good reading and very subversive. Rose states his case so simply that anyone who wants to get it, or has an open mind, will get it.