Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kobe Bryant Searches for the Non-Aggression Principle


Plenty of people are reacting; many violently, some ignorantly, some coming so close to the issue.

So let’s put Kobe Bryant in the last camp:

“You can sit here and argue about it until we’re blue in the face and protest about it,” Bryant said following practice on Tuesday at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo. “Until the legal system, we have a serious legal system conversation, it’s going to keep on happening.”

This would be helpful – a serious conversation.

Bryant expounded those thoughts on Tuesday, saying there needs to be more “accountability” and “responsibility” placed on law enforcement officials.


“What’s justifiable? What calls for legal action and what qualifies as the threshold in being able to use deadly force in that situation?,” Bryant asked rhetorically. “Those are higher conversations that need to be had.”

Yes, these conversations must be had.

There is a simple answer, built on the non-aggression principle: wearing a badge doesn’t make it right.  A crime is a crime.  Murder is murder.

I don’t know what happened on the night in question.  I know that as long as badges make it legal to commit crimes, Kobe Bryant will continue to wonder why.

“What’s justifiable?” he asks.  No one is above the law.  The same law is applicable to all men, else we do not live under law; we live under tyranny.


  1. I don't give a warmed-over turd what some over-priced black jock working for Jew billionaires in a crooked "pro sportz" league says. The negro-in-question committed suicide-by-cop. Our just slightly kosher MSM then invited the local negroes to burn some buildings. So they did (end title theme music, credits here)

    1. Then why did you bother reading the post, and further...commenting?

    2. in general, your posts are of a certain quality. I found this one astonishingly inept. In this sense, fascinating. Like watching Willie Mays drop a pop fly

    3. You care so little for the post that you now read it, and commented, twice?


  2. The streak of lawlessness lurking in the hearts of many (maybe most) Libertarians causes them almost invariably to side with the lawless and blame the police. You say, "I don’t know what happened on the night in question." Yes, you do. The (Grand) jury is in. It happened just as the evidence says it happened. Look, we all know about the dangers and abuses of the state in the form of excessive police reaction. But that doesn't justify talking nonsense in cases like this. The black community's reaction to the Trayvon Martin incident illustrates the difficulty honest citizens and police have in dealing with black crime and violence. Blacks, the Left, and Libertarians will always blame them. I knew pretty much beforehand that everyone at lewrockwell.com, except Buchanan, would use this as a chance to take a jab at the state and law enforcers. No one but an ideologue, or a paranoid black, or a Libertarian can pretend not to know what happened in Ferguson.

    1. In the quotes attributed to Mr. Bryant, he says nothing about race - although it could be inferred.

      I wrote nothing about black or white in my post. In my case, the inference would be wrong.

      "Yes, you do. The (Grand) jury is in. It happened just as the evidence says it happened."

      If the exact same event was, instead, "armed civilian shot unarmed police officer six times, killing him" with the DA presenting the exact same "evidence," do you think the grand jury would have reached the same conclusion?


  3. As is often the case on this general topic, William Grigg makes my point better than I do:


    He uses the phrase "blue privilege." This is the point, and it is where, I humbly suggest, Mr. Bryant focuses his quest.

  4. An assumption of guilt in either direction in this case . . .

    Is pure personal bias, unproven, and not worth paying attention to whatsoever.

    And were one truthful, one would admit that. Ther are bad cops, no doubt, and there are bad you black men, no doubt.

    And that is all we know, and anyone not an eyewitness who pretend they know how or where to lay blame -

    Are worth being ignored as they are completely uniformed. jb