Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Obama Tackles Terrorism

Obama gave another speech on a new, more violent outbreak of terrorism.  He began by thanking those on the front lines:

…they’ve got hundreds of professionals who are working tirelessly on this issue.

…I’ll be meeting with some of these men and women, including some who recently returned from the front lines of the outbreak.  And they represent public service at its very best.  And so I just want them to know how much the American people appreciate them.

Serving the country; the few, the proud; a global force for good.  You know the story.

Many of them are serving far away from home, away from their families.  They are doing heroic work and serving in some unbelievably challenging conditions — working through exhaustion, day and night, and many have volunteered to go back.  So we are very, very proud of them.

Multiple tours of duty; living in danger; their families also sacrificing. 

Their work and our efforts across the government is an example of what happens when America leads in confronting some major global challenges. 

Leader of the free world.

Faced with this outbreak, the world is looking to us, the United States, and it’s a responsibility that we embrace. 

It is a terrorism threat like no other, but the United States government will not run from the challenge.

We’re prepared to take leadership on this to provide the kinds of capabilities that only America has, and to mobilize the world in ways that only America can do.

America, the exceptional and indispensable nation.

The problem is extraordinary; Obama is taking strong action:

…two months ago, I directed my team to make this a national security priority.  We’re working this across our entire government, which is why today I’m joined by leaders throughout my administration, including from my national security team.

Fighting this terrorist threat will require a mobilized military:

It’s going to be commanded by Major General Darryl Williams…

But this won’t be another example of the US going it alone; Obama is calling in international support:

More nations need to contribute experienced personnel, supplies, and funding that’s needed, and they need to deliver on what they pledge quickly.

This week, the United States will chair an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council.  Next week, I’ll join U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to continue mobilizing the international community around this effort.

This is actually something that we had announced several months ago at the G7 meeting.  We determined that this has to be a top priority…

This military mobilization has the thanks of the military leader:

So thank you very much to the entire team that’s already doing this work.  And please know that you’ve got your President and Commander-in-Chief behind you.  Thank you.

What is this new terrorist threat?  Ebola.  A germ.

Now…I have no idea what the truth is regarding this virus or the backstory or the risks.

I only hope that this announcement is, in fact, a backhanded way of saying that the United States government has decided that its more recent methods of expanding world government have been failures: the global war on terror has been a disaster on every level, and the global war on Russia threatens to become a disaster in a most permanent level.

In other words, if fighting a germ instead of killing countless millions of innocents is what the elite have decided is the best way to try and expand their global reach, I am all for it. 

Beating swords into needles.  For some reason, sadly, I don’t think it will be this simple.   Instead, it is a more likely a convenient (fortunate?) way to invade Africa without generating global resistance.


  1. Lend lease for terrorists...

  2. "China in Africa" | by Arthur Waldron is on the recommended reading list of the us army africa website The book description on the page and that it is considered worthy reading with all the troubles that plague Africa should indicate who is considered the terrorist.

  3. I thought it said "Tickles".

    I marvel at how smoothly Obama uses the two titles afforded to the office he holds to speak of himself.

    If he can acquire another, he can pass himself off as a trinity.

    Naw, no way there's any old religion type stuff floating around, must be the sun in my eyes.