Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interview with Fred Foldvary

I have written before about the ideas advanced by Fred Foldvary - geo-libertarianism.  This concept develops and advanced ideas of Henry George regarding a land tax as the single source of taxation for what are commonly referred to as public goods.

I wish there was a better word than "tax" for this, as it suggests, inherently, coercion.  Foldvary develops this concept along the lines of contractual relationships between the homeowner / property-owner and the developer of the community.  Think of governance provided via a voluntarily-joined home-owners-association type community.

Using only a little imagination, the concept can certainly be stretched to embrace minarchism and even much of anarcho-capitalism.  For this reason, Mr. Foldvary's work deserves the hearing of a larger audience.

In any case, as mentioned, I have written extensively about this concept in the past so I will not repeat it here.  However, Marc Clair at Lions of Liberty has recently interviewed Foldvary.  It is worth a listen.

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