Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Official Drink of the Mises Institute?

I know economics as a science is to be politically and policy neutral.  Having said that, the overlap between Austrian economics and libertarian political theory is rather significant.

I also know that libertarians fit nowhere on the traditional republican – democrat political spectrum.

With that said, I find this of interest.  There is one drink that straddles the republican – democrat line of demarcation (yes, I know – not necessarily libertarian), and also sits well with those least likely to vote.

It seems Jägermeister comes closest to being the appropriate drink of choice for Austrians and libertarians everywhere.

I’m in.  Someone tell Mr. Rockwell!


  1. Best to drink it out of one of these:

  2. Ah.. trick question, because:

    1) "Official" means: relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, responsibilities.


    2) Only individuals drink.

    therefore there can be no "official" Mises Institute drink. Heh heh.

  3. Maybe that explains my college and early adult obsession with this fine (yet dangerous) liquid!

  4. Not sure if you know this, but Jagermeister is also considered the most official drink of heavy metal as well.