Tuesday, October 22, 2013

German-Russo Alliance

While reading this Ambrose Evans-Pritchard piece about the growing mainstream dialogue of the break-up of the Euro currency block, I came across these gems:

Reading between the lines, he seems to have been shocked into writing this book by Germany's role in the Libyan crisis, its refusal to provide transport planes (a routine courtesy for Nato allies) to help France "stop another Srebrenica massacre" in Benghazi, even after intervention had been approved by the UN Security Council and the Arab League.

The splendid Joschka Fischer called Germany’s decision to line up with Russia and China “a scandalous mistake,” warning that Germany risked waking up one day to find itself in "a very precarious position” if it continued to play this game.

I commented on this event at the time:

It is quite interesting; Germany went its separate way on the Libya vote. Go to sleep and rise again in about 30 years. Would you be terribly surprised to find Germany in an alliance with Russia and China (perhaps Australia as well)? Economically a wonderfully perfect fit for all parties. Militarily, also able to hold their own. Not so difficult to fathom, once the dollar loses it role of prominence.

Back to the AEP article:

You can perhaps read too much into the Libya episode, but the Franco-German body language has not improved much over Syria. Or as my esteemed Telegraph colleague Con Coughlin puts it: that Germany's default position is now pro-Moscow.

You might conclude – though Prof Heisbourg does not go so far – that Germany is no longer an ally of France in any meaningful sense in defence and foreign policy (or indeed trade), and if so that has shattering implications. You might even conclude that the EU is already dead, an empty shell.

Germany, Russia, and China.  I throw in the possibility of Japan and Australia.  I first wrote of this (as best as I can remember) here.  I most recently updated my thoughts here.  No need to click through for the regular readers.

I guess it is noteworthy that the dialogue has made the mainstream media.

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  1. Germany, Russia and China alliance would be the Anglo-American nightmare.

    There was a possibility it might happen under Gerhard Schroder, he was pro-Russian. But he was replaced by mysterious Angela Merkel, who is Washington's woman. http://www.voltairenet.org/article145409.html