Monday, March 4, 2013

Inventing the Next Fault Line

John  Kerry apparently invented a new Central Asian republic out of whole cloth:

The international community was thrown into disarray after US Secretary of State John Kerry inadvertently outed the country of Kyrzakhstan. Analysts from the Arctic to Oceania, scrambling for answers, still have not been able to pinpoint the exact geographical location of the mysterious country.

While reading the story, a thought struck me: how many Americans would even know if this was a real or invented place? 

What if America declared war on Kyrzakhstan, because of WMD or some terrorist organization?  Or what if Kyrzakhstan was deemed to be a most valuable ally in the next great crusade, requiring billions in aid?

I guess I have no point…other than to most Americans the Republic of Kyrzakhstan is no more real or pretend than is Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Vietnam, or Korea.  

And no more of a threat.


  1. kerry (small letter intended) did not slip. he is just dumb, unless, of course, he is conning 'constituents'. then, he shines.

  2. So let's all pretend we represent the Republic of Kyrzakhstan, declare war on the United States and immediately surrender, then demand all kinds of financial support. It's an opportunity to make fiction into fact: "The Mouse that Roared." And Kerry and Obama and that whole crowd are so ignorant they would fall all over themselves to go along with the scam, giving us tons of money and armaments and other cool stuff. You know they wouldn't bother to do any research to verify any claim we care to make cuz finding out whether something is true or not is just so conservative.

    You can find this funny 1959 movie, which stars Peter Sellers, on Amazon Instant Video:

    Let's just not screw up the plot the way the Duchy of Grand Fenwick did -- they inadvertently won the war against the US!