Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pat Buchanan at The Daily Bell

The interview can be found here.

It would be easy to write a critique of Buchanan’s positions that are not libertarian, or that are otherwise accepting of the mainstream, acceptable dialogue.  Instead, I will focus on where he has veered from that path, as I believe he has done valuable service in the one area that is of utmost importance.  If I recall correctly, even Rothbard has stated that this issue is the single most important issue for libertarian focus.

Of the many immoralities that come with government as it is practiced today, the biggest immorality is the myth of the good war – good war basically having taken on the meaning of any war entered into by the United States or other Western regime.  Twentieth (and now twenty-first) century war is the most final and evil manifestation of state power, destroying the lives of hundreds of millions dead and wounded, along with changing forever their families and communities.

Buchanan’s views on foreign policy are quite sound.  It is in this area where he comes closest to a libertarian / non-aggression viewpoint.  On this most evil manifestation of the state, Buchanan receives high marks.

Buchanan wrote “Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War,” and it is one of the most readable books on the myths of the Second World War.  

Where I have a slight disagreement with Buchanan on this topic might be regarding the roots of the cold war, as I believe the communists (both Russian and Chinese) were purposely established by the west during WWII (and in fact, this was a key objective for the west entering the war) in order to establish a perpetual enemy for perpetual war (for the perpetual health of the state).  I go into this issue further, and cover my other thoughts on the ultimate “good war” here, for those interested.

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